Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Pontiac, though shalt be missed...

Well as a kid growing up in the 70's the car we all really wanted was that badass Trans Am made famous by Burt Reynolds in "Smokey and the Bandit." It is a sad day really, and it is not so much an issue of the cars they have been producing, but it is a reflection of two things.

  1. Bloated costs that all GM divisions are forced to absorb into the cost of producing their cars from a standpoint of UAW costs. I have not seen the UAW reaction to the news of the death of Pontiac and the resulting closing factories, but the UAW needs to buck up and admit that they are in no small part responsible for insisting on too much money and to mediocre a build quality
  2. Marketing- I've not seen a good commercial for the Pontiac brand in so long that I can not even remember one. Pontiac has a couple of great models on the market right now. The Pontiac Solstice and the Pontiac G8. both of these models deserve to live. I don't know where GM should put them in, but hey the G8 is actually a renamed Holden car model made in Australia. Hopefully this vehicle will have a chance to live on as a Buick or something else. Nonetheless, GM has done a terrible job of putting forth the Pontiac line up, whilst they pushed the very lame models offered by the Chevrolet division.
OK, so obviously I'm going to miss these cars. The thing is this, I rent cars on a regular basis as I travel around the country. The quality of some of the GM cars has really come up and the Buick's are quite nice and I would be happy to have a Lucerne in my driveway. On the other hand, the Chevrolet cars are basically still just bad. I refused Chevy's twice in the last two weeks in favor of a Chrysler 300. More bad decisions by GM, do you think that new GM head man C.E.Obama is behind the decision on this? The news reports now specualte that Saturn is to be sold or killed as well as Saab... key the Queen music "... Bom bom bom, another one bites the dust...'

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  1. Burt Reynolds made the Firebird famous, but my heart longs for the real bad asses the GTO 'Goat' from the 60's, and the king of the GTO's, the 'Judge' from '69 and '70. Built on the same chassis of some other GM classics, the Olds 442 and the Chevy Chevelle. I know the fire breathing V8 muscle cars went the way of the dinosaurs, but I still get amused when I see a small 4 banger import with a bunch of fiberglass effects package stuff draped around it and a bumble bee exhaust burping as the driver shows off at the stop light beside me. I would love to have my dads '68 400 HP 442 at times like that. Remember 'The Fast and the Furious' (not such a great movie, but a great scene) when Vin Diesel wheelie stands his '70 Dodge Charger in the 'climactic' drag race. And whether you like the good ol' dixie singin' redneck General Lee or not, the '69 Dodge Charger was a real bad ass. Hemi power was hard to beat (think Richard Petty in his day). Anyway, I have already had to witness the death of Oldsmobile. Now Pontiac. It is a sad day indeed for us gear heads of old.



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