Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intellectual Dishonesty and Double Standards

All's fair in love and war - or so the saying goes. I guess they should add the disclaimer that this only applies to the unscrupulous among us and that would include the media and almost the entirety of the political class. The hypocrisy of the media has been on flagrant display for quite some time, but the outright ignoring of the Feinstein FDIC scandal is negligence. The double standards by which the reporters spin everything the President does is nauseating. Let's not forget our ever bumbling, prevaricating, VP, the "Honorable Joe Biden".

I understand perspective. I believe I would have a very difficult time being neutral, but if it was my job, I would succeed. I would simply pose questions as opposed to pontificating. This is the duty of a journalist. Unfortunately, the honorable profession has been bastardized to such an extent that we have commentators disguised as journalist.

Can you imagine if W would have completely fallen apart when the teleprompter messed up?
What about if Cheney had lied about Oval Office meetings with Bill Clinton?

We have seen Republicans and their careers destroyed by slight gaffes, misstatements, and false accusations - but it seems the Democrats are immune to the same standards and "media outrage" over their behavior as they are about the Republicans. Why?

I say, report the news - fair is fair.

As far as intellectual dishonesty though, I would bet many of these journalist cheated in school, hid cards when they could, plagiarized, cut corners, shoplifted here and there - after all the ends justify the means, right?

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