Thursday, April 30, 2009

Liberal Logic

Please, someone help me out here. I usually pride myself on being a normally logical person, but, being human, I know I’m not perfect so maybe I’ve missed something here. Both President Obama and the head of Homeland Security have said there isn’t any need to close the Mexican border to combat the current strain of flu, the rationale or logic being that the flu is already here so it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has left. Following this logic, if there are already terrorists here in this country, we shouldn’t bother to secure our borders against an influx of additional terrorists either. Or, how about the analogy that during a downpour, when my roof springs a few leaks, I shouldn’t plan on sandbagging my house to prevent the inevitable water entering from the dam when it breaks, because I already have some water in my house. I can go on with the analogies, but I think I’ve made my point. What kind of logic is this that our current administration is using anyway? The answer, of course, is liberal logic. They simply aren’t willing to appear “racist” by closing the border, all at the expense of the safety of the American public. Our illustrious Vice President offered the most illogical answer to this question. When asked if we should close the border he said it wouldn’t do any good, because people don’t at first appear sick with the flu so we couldn’t tell who was infected. Hey, Joe…THAT’S THE REASON WHY YOU WOULD WANT TO CLOSE THE BORDER IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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  1. Look, just be reasonable and concede to the (fill in the blank here)demands. Good fences do not make good neighbors.



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