Thursday, April 23, 2009

Letting ALL the Cats Out of The Bag (Click to read CIA memos)

Looks like our new Commander in Chief is vacillating again. President Obama originally was against any prosecution of Bush personnel involved in the CIA enhanced interrogations of Al Qaeda terrorists. Now, after suffering the wrath of people like George Soros, and Move On.Org, he is saying he will entertain the notion of prosecuting people who told the CIA it was legal to carry out the interrogations. Of course, this will all depend on whether or not these techniques can be classified as “torture” under Section 2340A, of title 18, of the United States Code. I highly doubt it.

However, with Obama’s AG, the ever incompetent, and rabidly liberal Eric Holder, anything is possible. I at first was appalled to see that our dear leader released previously classified material to the world at large. (As a former Army Photographer, who held a Top Secret clearance, I can tell you that when something is stamped with this classification, as were these documents, it is meant that the release of this information can be highly damaging, and potentially dangerous in the hands of an enemy, and it can, in certain circumstances, cost people their lives.) But, now that he has made this blunder, he should also release the documents that show what the result of these interrogations were. (He hasn’t chosen to do that, as of yet) Maybe some good can come of this fiasco, after all. Information is already trickling out, concerning the result of these sessions with the terrorists.

It is being reported that, as a result of these sessions, we found out about, and thwarted, a follow up plot to launch a “Second Wave” of planes destined for buildings in Los Angeles. We also were able to verify and arrest the people who were planning on destroying the Brooklyn Bridge, both of which would have resulted in thousands of deaths.

I welcome anyone who wishes to discuss the philosophy of whether using these methods had merit, but remember, life is a double edge sword. Or, simply put, you can’t have your cake, and eat it too. If you are going to argue these methods are torture and shouldn’t be used under any circumstances, fine no problem. But, just like you can’t be, “a little pregnant,” so to is it with being just a little for or against these methods. Before making a decision, consider this:

You are driving in your car with your infant son or daughter. You stop at a traffic light and someone carjacks you, dragging you out of the car, speeding off with your child strapped in the back. The guy realizes what he's done and abandons the car somewhere with your child still in it. Because you gave such a good description to the authorities, he is caught an hour later by the police. He hates cops, and stubbornly refuses to tell them where he left the car. It’s cool outside now, but the temperature that day is going to shortly rise to near 100. There isn't a whole lot of time before your child will succumb to heat stroke and die in that locked car. I am there with the cops and can guarantee you in ten minutes, after waterboarding this guy, I'll know where your child is. Would you like to discuss the philosophical ramifications of the situation with me, or ask how soon I can start?

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