Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teleprompter for president?

OK, so W just got lambasted by the media and comedians for his speaking gaffes, and in many cases rightly so. But, come on, the guy could at least speak without a teleprompter. This video of President Obama totally loosing his composure when his teleprompter goes out is kind of disturbing to me.

I just get this vision of the prez getting into an argument with say Hugo Chavez (OK, not likely...) instead let's say he gets into an argument with Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown calls Mr. Obama's bluff and the prez looks to his teleprompter to see what to say and oh no! there is no signal, he blinks, and the next thing you know we are back to being simple British colonies...

Have you ever been in a street fight, or lead up to one? Diffusing a potential fight usually happens when one of the adversaries out talks his opponent and makes the bad guy back down. I've seen it a hundred times. Two world leaders going at it is the same dynamic as the build up to a street fight. You blink, you lose, period. I really hope our President figures this one out, and soon. Otherwise we might see Arizona and California being given back to Mexico.

Maybe we should have elected the teleprompter President?

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