Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uniter or Divider

We heard plenty of praise last night for a job well done this first 100 days. Then we heard some of the analysis that were 180 degree polar opposites. I was willing to support President Obama if he would just make good on 1 campaign promise, to rid Washington of the bipartisan bickering and shake up the status quo. I wanted to believe that if he did this one thing we may have a shot at logical decisions being made that were not aligned with party extremes. The audacity of logic might have a chance. I will wager you will not hear it on any main stream media outlet, but Obama has failed miserably to unite this political machine or this country. We are more divided than ever. There is some glimmer of hope from the data found in the latest RCP report. Congressional approval is terrible. Direction of the country is split. There is also evidence that Independents and Moderates are becoming a majority. The Republican base is shrinking. We get this news thumbed in our faces regularly. But what we don't hear is that the Democratic base is shrinking too. Independents and Moderates leaned Democrat in the last few elections, but Democrats they are not. I honestly believe that many people were voting against the status quo (Republicans), not for liberal agendas (Democrats) in the last few elections. Libertarian minded people no longer have a choice other that the lesser of two evils in many case. The pendulum swings both ways and for a reason. When one party gets too much power, its ego, arrogance and greed go to its head. It believes that the masses are in full support and it can do whatever it chooses without consequence. Unfortunately for the party in power, the division is close to 50/50 on many issues. It will not take too many wrong moves for the pendulum to start to swing back. Our job is to try to get it to bob in the middle so we do not have to withstand the extremeties we have seen of late. We need a viable third party that does not subscribe to the extremes of the Democratic and Republican platforms. It would represent this majority of people who choose not to affiliate with either major party, as well as those affiliated but not strongly conviced. The Libertarians, or the Logicraticans?


  1. I do not believe we have ever in my lifetime had true conservative government. The Bush's were moderate, at best and truly not that different from Clinton in hindsight. Reagan was never able to fully implement the true conservative principals that he desired and from a fiscal standpoint we began our insurmountable debt during his presidency.

    I want a Constitutional Party; one that adheres to the principals and the structures set out by the Founders. Status quo - time to go.



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