Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Truth Be Told

Well... they have outed the CIA memos of the "torture" that a few (about 30) Al-Qaeda terrorists went through while being interrogated by the CIA. The media, for the last few years, put out such a load of garbage about the widespread "torture" of scores of prisoners and how horribly they suffered,
and its now known to be a bunch of crappola.

While I'm sure your typical left wing liberal, who probably thinks we should've just all sat around and held hands with these scum, singing Kum-ba-ya, to get at what they knew about future attacks on this country (by the way, better than 50% of what we learned about Al-Qaeda came from these few sessions), will undoubtedly still cry and wail about how terrible all this "torture" was like waterboarding (only done on THREE people, and which didn't happen without there being strict medical supervision), sleep deprivation (between 48-96 hours; geeze, I stayed awake that long on my last trip to Europe), bland food (anyone who travels by air has experienced that and worse), cold rooms (they oughtta try upstate NY, where I’m from, if they want cold), and oh, they planned to scare one guy (and never did) with a caterpillar. (Those bastards!)

All of the procedures used, which, by the way do not meet the legal definition of torture, were done under such strict guidelines that any terrorists who are now able to read this crap, thanks to the media, will laugh at how mamby-pamby our methods actually were and will now, undoubtedly, be prepared for anything in the future; not that we would ever be able to make use of these enhanced methods ever again, now that we have the Kum-ba-ya crowd in power.

For anyone who needs a little perspective, let me clue you in on something. In 1972, when Viet-Nam was still on-going, I enlisted in the U.S. Army and went through Basic Training at Ft. Dix. I was harassed pretty much 24/7 by some pretty effective sadists known as Drill Sergeants. In fact, the first sentence outta my Drill Sergeant's mouth, by way of an introduction, was, "I am allowed to kill four of you mother-f**kers per cycle before anyone starts asking any questions."

For the next 12 weeks I experienced treatment that would make what these terrorists "endured" look like a cocktail party. I literally existed on about an average of 3-4 hours sleep a day, and was awake numerous times between 48 and 72 hours at a stretch. Food? Well, if you could call it that, had to be eaten in about 3-5 minutes at each and every meal. You were so exhausted from the physical training before each meal that you were lucky to keep it down. I literally lost 35 lbs. in the first six weeks.

How about 20 mile forced marches, plodding through sand, with full pack and weapon (about 60-70 lbs) in the summer at Ft. Dix when it was 90+ and near 100% humidity? On one forced march, over a dozen people fell out from my platoon alone and were hospitalized. I was one of them. I had heat stroke and was taken to the hospital where I almost died because my temp was 106. I stayed in ice blankets for three days till it went down. After I got out, I was given the choice to repeat Basic again (I was 7 weeks in by then) or try to catch up what I missed that week and continue on. I chose the latter, and then the fun really started, as I had to play catch up. How about low crawling under barbed wire with an M-60 machine gun firing over your head or how about going through the gas chamber where, after being put in a room with clouds of CS-CN tear gas, your Drill Sergeant rips off your gas mask and physically keeps you from trying to run out while you cough up a lung (I swear it felt like the closest thing to dying I can remember)? Psychological games? (Which my Drill Sergeant lovingly referred to as 'Mind-F**king') How about one of the first night/mornings about 3 AM, after we had settled in our bunks and after being up almost 20 hours, my Drill Sergeant, wanting to demonstrate the virtue of being ever vigilant, throws a smoke grenade in the middle of the barracks and lets loose with a magazine of blanks from an M-16? I can go on and on detailing the fun and games we endured those joy-filled,12 weeks of hell, but I think you get the drift. In addition, what I went through wasn’t unique; in fact, prior to when I went in, it was worse. Lastly, hundreds of current members of the U.S. Military, like pilots and special services personnel, routinely experience waterboarding, and worse, as part of their training.

Consequently, I have absolutely no patience for anyone who tries to convince me that what these low-life scum went through amounted to more than what any fraternity pledge might experience, and I'm disgusted that our enemy has now been informed due to the Main Stream Media, and the liberal left, outing our interrogation techniques. Mark my words, sooner or later we will learn how many lives were probably saved due to these “horrendous” methods we used.


  1. These same methods have been in place for quite some time and have served us diligently throughout the course of history.

  2. If there is some sort of prosecution by the current administration against a previous administration, then think of the precedent which will be set.

  3. If that happens, this administration has truly lost it's mind....

  4. Then, prepare to watch some crazy people in action.

  5. jason Lewis correctly pointed out, that is exactly what 3rd world fascist generals do when they usurp power.



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