Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Now It Starts

Today they realized that income tax revenue is down 34% from last year, but we’re still stimulating the economy by spending money we don’t have. They also realized today that back in October when we should have let GM go into a structured bankruptcy, we threw tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money into that company, the result of which did nothing but put us now, right back to where we were in October, as GM will now be going into bankruptcy. The only thing we have to show for it is that we now own 72% of a bankrupt company, which flushed away billions of dollars. Hell of a deal. They also today are saying that the only alternative we may have to pay for the almost two trillion dollar debt we currently are facing is to enact at least a 25 % Federal VAT, just like they have in Europe - which euphemistically stands for Value Added Tax - and which, in reality, is really a TOE (Tax On Everything), or simply a federal sales tax on literally everything you buy. This, by the way, will be in addition to what you pay in state and federal income tax, not to mention your local and state sales tax too. Of course, a VAT is nothing more than a regressive tax, and while it affects everyone, it will actually hurt the poorest among us the most, which will be even more reason for our dear leader to dig even deeper into our pockets to redistribute more of our ever dwindling income to those who are “most in need.” I guess the logic (and irony) of enacting a regressive tax, which will do nothing but force people to spend less - during a recession mind you - is lost on those who think there is some kind of logic to the plan of trying to spend their way to prosperity. So, what’s next? Well, when the tax revenues go down even further, because people will be losing even more jobs due to people spending less on items produced, because they are taxed at every turn on income, sales, property, capital gains, VAT and on, and on, the only alternative the government will have left will be to start monetizing the debt; that’s a fancy term for printing more money to cover their losses, which, by the way has already started. The result of that is inflation; however in this case, it will almost certainly mean hyper-inflation. Folks, please believe me; I’m no economist, nor am I some kind of financial genius. If *I* can see this, why can’t these uber-smart intellectual and financial wunderkind types in Washington see this?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Remember, democracy never lasts long...

It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." - John Adams, April 15, 1814.

There has been much talk about the rise and fall of democracies. What will be the fate of America? Great Britain is reeling from their social experiment. We are poised to follow in their footsteps, stride for stride. They are reportedly five years ahead of us. Hindsight is 20/20 but it appears that we are going blind. It is possible to learn through other peoples mistakes if you allow for the possibility that you yourself are human. That you may not be so smart that your ideas will not lead to ruin or despair. I do not think that the sky is falling, but I do believe we are heading for tough times and a longer road to recovery than we want to accept.

Adams also said, "I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I give you this warning, that you may prepare your mind for your fate." - to Abigail Adams, May 1770.

I would venture to say that I am misconstruing the intended meaning, but it is interesting to draw parallels to this quote. The standing order in our political machine seems clear to me, conform or be cast out. Many a good soul has entered into this dream of making a positive impact to either be chewed up and spit out, or corrupted by the system. A pound of fresh meat will not make for good ground beef if the hopper is full of rotten meat. But we need fresh meat. We need to restore a sense of honesty and honor to our honerable positions. We need to clear the hopper in order to clear the way for progress.

I have given serious thought to entering the political realm, but reading John Adams words makes me search my soul for reasons to say that it will not happen to me. That it will not ruin my life, or that of my family. Conform or be cast out. Allow yourself to conform and lose the very values that made you want to do the right thing in the first place. Make a stand against the regime and you are destined for ruin. Conform or be cast out. Or ride the pine. For now I am riding the pine.

And the punchline is?

Take a few moments to read an article about a proposed tax increase in Gwinnett county, Georgia. Amazingly enough, Gwinnett County Commissioners (I'm glad I do not live in that county) have announced that they plan to increase taxes 25 to 30 percent. $43 million dollars of the projected $87 million raised would not be spent this year, but will be put into something commissioners call a "working capital reserve".

What? In this economic environment, when income taxes are going to increase thanks to the Federal government, and home foreclosures are on the rise in the Atlanta area, the county commission decides that it is a good thing to raise taxes?

The insanity is obviously not limited to the left in Washington. What kind of ridiculous Statist morons did the people of Gwinnett County elect? What left leaning, over taxing liberals are leading that county? Check out the Gwinnett County website for the biographies of the County Commissioners...

So what is the punchline, or the point? The point is that each of these Statists are also Members of the Republican party. In the words of Paul Harvey "...and now you know the rest of the story."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California & States Rights

I will try to be brief and address two issues at once here. California has shown me in the last few days that, as a state, they will not be defined by the vocal, liberal minority. They have rejected higher taxes (sorry Powell, if California doesn't really want higher taxes, I doubt if any state does) and have upheld the ban on gay marriage. I am not going to get into a discussion about gay marriage, but what interest me here is California's assertion of states rights and the contradictions to the left coast ideals that are stereotyped on the masses because of a select few (read squeeky wheels) of the population. The states rights debate has come and gone many times over our countries history. I do believe this current states rights debate is still a sleeping issue in the main stream media, but it will have to be recognized and addressed before it goes dormant this time around.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it Starting to Work?

I am encouraged, perhaps a bit premature, but encouraged regardless. After months of very little to cheer about (except the Tea Party Movement and the reawakening of the Great American Freedom Machine), we have had several moves in the right direction:
  • California voted this week against new taxes.
  • The Fed refused to co-sign on California additional borrowing.
  • The Senate went against the Teleprompter in Chief and voted against closing Gitmo without a plan.
  • The EPA determined that pursuing Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant would fundamentally hurt the economy.

Amidst all of the noise from our Nation's Capital - this is all good news. These are all victories for common sense. People are starting to wake up.

Can you imagine the impact if the Californians rise up en mass and say, "Stop It!"? The great state of California, home of Ronald Reagan, unbelievable natural beauty and resources - if they said, no more.

The Fed not backing a failed California Government is a good thing. You can not bail out someone who has not changed their behavior.

On the Senate not closing Gitmo, I heard Mitch McConnell say, "We need a plan, Mr. President, not another speech." I resoundingly say, "Here Here!"

The EPA determining not to classify what air breathing creatures EXHALE as a pollutant is a good thing folks. Now I will admit, that when Mr. Franklin and Mr. Washington returned from a "Smoker" at their previous club, the exhales might have righteously been classified as pollutants... but none the less, this is a victory for common sense.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Send the Gitmo Detainees to ANWAR

So, Mr. President, you intend to push forward with your efforts to close Gitmo even in light of strong opposition from your own party members in Congress. I'm glad you are picking a fight with your peeps across the street. It should be an interesting fight.

I have a great idea. Why don't we build a prison up in ANWAR, and for the sake of rehabilitation job creation, let's start an oil drilling program to give these fine fellows a trade to work in. At some point, when we have rehabilitated them, we will release them and send them back to the Middle East. And when they get home, they will have useful job skills working on an oil drilling rig that will allow them to become productive members of society...

Well, it seemed like a good idea to me.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does the GOP need to be buried?

I'm listening to all the chatter out there on the airwaves and it seems like there is some push back occurring on the Democrats in Washington, but why do we not see broader anger at the steps taken by the President and Congressional Democrats? I fear that this is reflective of the country's fatigue with the Republican party.

I'm no big fan of Jessi Ventura, but I heard him on the radio the other day and he made some sense. He was asked about Republicans versus Democrats. His view is that they are both for the same thing, which is bigger government and he is absolutely right on that issue.

I see the two parties as corrupt. Democrats tell us how they should spend our money and start programs to redistribute our wealth as they see fit, as if they are better at that than I am. I give a significant amount of money to charities that funnel upwards of $0.995 of every $1.00 to the people in need. No government agency is capable of that and I sure as heck do not want my money to bail out automakers and then see my shares handed to the UAW that caused the issue in the first place.

On the other hand, Republicans are all about telling you how to live your life. Frankly speaking, I live in line with a strong moral code that I have found most people in my line of business simply can not live up to. I would prefer it if they could be honest and forthright, but I don't need the government to enforce my standards on them.

Libertarians seem to go towards anarchy in the end, and that is no better than what we have now.

Bottom line; The government has no business telling us how we should live our lives. What we do in our private lives, or behind closed doors, is none of the governments business unless our choices are infringing upon others rights to their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We don't really need the governments' help. What we need is for the government to stop messing around with things and get the hell out of the way. The American people can govern themselves very well without hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi trying to tell us what to do.

I don't know what my views make me politically, but I am standing on my call for a new party founded upon Logic and the principle as put forth in the Constitution of the USA. James Madison and the other framers of the constitution got this thing right. We just have to read it, follow it and stop the nonsense.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hate Crimes Bill - Protecting Who?

If a flasher exposes himself to me and I in horror hit him, he is guilty of a local misdemeanor, while I am guilty of a Federal Felony Hate Crime. If a pedophyle trys to lure your child into a car and you kill him, you are guilty of a Hate Crime. If you are drunk and run over a transgender person you are not only guilty of drunk driving, but a Hate Crime. If a Pastor preaches out of the Bible against sinful behavior and someone who heard the message, commits a crime against a homosexual, the Pastor can be charged with a Hate Crime.

Seem outlandish? Well, in its current form the Hate Crimes bill that has passed in the House can do just that. It is a recipe for Judicial disaster. Singling out individuals for special protection under the law is wrong. The premise seems harmless, but if you dig beneath the surface and dissect the real world ramifications of this bill, it is disturbing. Hailed by the left as protecting homosexuals from hate motivated crimes, the Dems refused to clarify the language and will that up to the courts. It is intended to make it a Federal Felony to engage in a hate crime, which by definition is an attack based on a victim's sexual orientation, gender identity or mental or physical disability. So, by my count every human on the planet is covered.

Focus on the Family and clearly outlines what this bill has the potential to do:

Highlights - no need for the bill, current protections sufficient, no rise in Hate crimes.
Treats victims of the same crime unequally under the law
Punishes thoughts not actions
Doesn't define the class it seeks to protect
Paves the way for religious persecution

When did being a normal, traditional, American afford you LESS protection under the law?

Eating some Red Herring

I have stated pretty clearly that I wanted to stay away from "Red Herring" issues like abortion and gay marriage, but I heard this morning about a graduation address by the president of Trinity Washington University, Patricia McGuire, denouncing the "religious vigilantism" of those who opposed Obama's visit (to Notre Dame University) and calling their protests "an embarrassment to all Catholics." I would likely not do justice to the topic in light that Rush Limbaugh covered it this morning in his Morning Update, but I have to weigh in here.

The hypocrisy of this is amazing to me. She is the President of a Catholic University, the same one Nanci Pelosi graduated from, and yet here she is calling peaceful protesters at Notre Dame bad Catholics. Now, I have my issues with some of the policies and teachings of the Catholic church, but then again I'm not a member like Nancy and the president of Trinity Washington. A basic position of the Pope is NO ABORTION and no birth control either. The protesters did not want President Obama, a strong supporter of abortion, to give an address at their university. I would call them righteous for apposing the hypocrisy of the Notre Dame leadership for allowing him to give the commencement address.

This is a case of another liberal compromising their supposed priciples in the name of Liberalism. If I were a Catholic, I would immediately take steps to stop any funding of Trinity Washington University until they replaced the president with one that is actually in step with the teachings of the church. I wonder where the media is to shine the light on this hypocrisy?

I could sure use some liberty and freedom from these ill thought hypocrites.

49 MPG

The year is 1990. I owned a Honda CRX HF. At 6'7" I actually fit in it pretty good once I got in. I even had to bring the seat forward a little from it's fully retracted position. I, John Adams, am a little anal-retentive (i.e. overly frugal, orderly, overly neat, maybe obsessive compulsive about some things). You can ask Patrick Henry if you don't believe me. After 25 years he has probably seen some evidence to bear proof of this statement. I say this because many may not believe that I keep a log of everything I ever do to my vehicle, including fill-ups and gas mileage. For the entire time that I owned this car it averaged 49 MPG with regular unleaded gas. I was in the upper 50's if I ran higher octane gas (Amoco Ultimate) on the interstate heading east to Charleston (downhill). Today we get 'all' excited about expensive hybrids that are barely breaking 40 MPG, while 20 years ago it was being done with 'old' technology. We could debate for hours and days the reasons, and I have heard many of the 'excuses', but I believe we will find the same truths moving forward as we did then and that is a highly efficient car with uninspiring looks and performance will not be popular enough to sell enough of to save the Big 3 (or 2, or 1), especially for a higher price. It is not the field of dreams (if you build it they will come). And I am curious to see how this all plays out, assuming we actually live to see it. I hear from Ol' Ben that the world is scheduled to end December 21, 2012.

Monday, May 18, 2009

42 MPG

Mark your calendars. 2016 will be the year that gas mileage must be improved by 30% over current averages. I hope all the limos and SUV's that the politicians and their entourage all pedal around in are required to meet the same. Imagine a bullet proof Ford 500 or Chevy Impala. Bet it would be lucky to get 10 MPG with all that armor weighing it down. I just get tired of all the people who are telling me how I need to be more environmentally conscious not showing any real effort or sacrifice to do the same. Private jets, limos, SUV's, big fat houses, etc. Except, of course, Al Gore. He has made so much money peddling global warming that he can afford to buy credits to 'reduce' his carbon footprint and feel good about not really doing anything about his energy consumption.

Dinner Invitation - Rejected

The Valedictorian of the 2009 graduating class at Notre Dame praised President Obama for practicing Catholic-like values, because of his willingness to “invite all to the table,” saying that’s what Jesus would have done. However, what Miss Bollman, in her naiveté, has forgotten is that even Satan himself would also be very willing to “invite all to the table,” though I doubt the fare he would serve would be any more palatable than the repast Obama wishes us to digest; like items having the stench and bitter taste of late term abortions. I'm afraid I will have to pass on the invitation.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calling Them Out: What is Your Email Address, Senator?

I live in the great state of North Carolina, but I can not easily reach my congress person (Sue Myrick), one of my senators (Richard Burr), or my governor (Beverly Purdue) by email quickly and efficiently. Do you know why? Because they do not publish their email addresses - they make their constituents fill out a web form every time you want to communicate with them. I am sorry, but I am busy. I don't want to visit each of their homepages and fill out the same information over and over again - I want to point and click in my own email box and send a message to both my senators and my representative. I don't want to jump through their hoops, pick from their preselected subject lines, and compose my email on their site.

Can you imagine, as a business person, if I required my clients to go to a web site and fill out a form to communicate with me? If I didn't list my email address on my business card and did not share this with my clients, I would quickly find that I had no clients. People simply don't want to do business in this manner and perhaps that is a message that needs to be sent to our politicians. "I don't want to do business with you any longer."

I firmly believe that this is an example of arrogance and a general disregard for the constituents they represent. I understand the need to limit the emails to their constituents, but there is a very easy solution. You go to the representatives site, you fill out a form (one time) with your information and email address - the site administrator will validate your credentials and send you back the email address of the representative. That email address then will accept incoming mail from validated email accounts only. Simple, correct? Surely my 50% tax burden justifies being able to contact my duly elected representatives, right?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Parking Ticket

I can't claim this as my own, however, I just had to share...

The other day I went downtown to run a few errands. I went into the local coffee shop for a snack. I was only there for about 5 minutes. When I came out, there was this cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, 'Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break'? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. His insensitivity annoyed me, so I called him a 'PIG.' He glared at me and then wrote out another ticket for having worn tires. So I proceeded to call him a 'doughnut eating NAZI.' He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket when I called him a 'moron in blue'. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I talked back to him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn't really care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had one of those bumper stickers that said, 'Obama '08.' I try to have a little fun each day now that I'm retired. The doctor tells me that it's important for my health.

Lamar vs. the Gorilla

So to lighten it up a little bit, this is a story I heard at a Lewis Grizzard concert many years ago. I hope you will enjoy...

I woke up one morning and went to the kitchen to start my morning coffee and while I was filling up the pot with water I looked out my back window and saw this gorilla in my tree. I'm thinking to myself, "How the hell did I get a gorilla in my tree?" Then it hits me - "How the hell am I gonna get a gorilla out of my tree?" So I get the phone book and looking under 'Gorilla Tree Removal Services' I call the first number I see. This old fellow answers the phone and after explaining my situation to him he tells me he's not busy at the moment and will be right over.
A little while later he pulls up in my drive. I go out to meet him and we go around to the back of his old pickup truck. There sits this old hound dog. Well he drops the tailgate and introduces me to Lamar, the dog. He gets a shotgun, a pair of handcuffs, and Lamar and we go around to the back of the house to see the gorilla.
After assessing the situation, the old timer tells me, "So this here's what we're gonna do. I want you to take this here shotgun and pair of handcuffs, and take ol' Lamar, and you go stand over there. Now I'm gonna climb up in that tree and I'm a gonna shake that gorilla out of the tree. Now when that gorilla hits the ground, ol' Lamar here is gonna charge that gorilla and try to bite him in the privates. Now when Mr. Gorilla reaches down to protect himself, I want you to slap them there handcuffs on him and then I'll haul him on out of here. Reckon you can handle that?"
I think on this for a minute and decide, "I reckon I can handle that. But I gotta ask you, what do you want me to do with this here shotgun?"
"Wellllll," the old timer starts, "Let me tell you. You know, in the unlikely event that it happens, and it never has, and hopefully it never will, but if for some reason I get up in that tree and that there gorilla shakes me out of that tree...

The Rude World

This has been bugging me for a long time. My father and I had a long discussion last weekend about it as well. And the blip on the news recently where PS Gibbs confiscated a cell phone during a conference really brought it to a head with me. I appreciate what Gibbs did. And the guy who took the call and walked out of the conference is proof positive that we have become a rude society because of cell phones. People walking around talking to themselves while a little blue bug flashes on their ear. Conversations cut off in mid sentence because of a call. I try to be respectful at all times, but even find myself being rude and disrespectful of other people because of this modern apparatus.
Our world, at least the developed parts where cell phones and pda's have become a norm, is more rude today because of these devices. And if we are all honest, we're all guilty to some degree. CBS correspondent Bill Plante even laughed and joked on the CBS Early Show about dissing Gibbs and taking the call. He said he probably should have turned the ringer off, but... Wrong. HE SHOULD HAVE TURNED THE PHONE OFF.
My momma tried to teach me manners, and I think she did a pretty good job. We need to look back at those teachings and also make sure that we are teaching our younger generation how to be mannerly with these new technologies. I could go on but

Calling them Out: The Incoherant Nancy Pelosi

Does Nancy Pelosi really think she can call the CIA a bunch of liars, misrepresent what they briefed her on, and claim outrage 7 years after the fact and the CIA would cower at all her "power"? I don't think so slappy.

If you watched the incoherent video of Nancy Pelosi trying to back pedal on what she knew and when she knew it in regards to the EIT, she couldn't get it together. She was shaking, rambling, and generally displayed all of the body language of a prevaricator. The story has changed yet again and everyone who has children recognized the signs of somebody who has just been busted.

Take my word, Nancy Pelosi will be exposed for the utter liar and hypocrite that she is and the CIA will be vindicated in this area. But will anybody really care? Will there be a media siege on the Speaker's life? Will the world call for the resignation of a this woman whose leftist agenda threatens to destroy this country? No, I don't believe so. The liberal media will bury the story, her colleagues will rally around her, and the American people won't really care because "that is just politics."

It is a sad commentary.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Keep Turning Left

It's almost like a NASCAR race, just keep turning left till you get to the end. That's right, the end, not the finish line. This is one of the most counter productive measures we could take and it is being sold as the only way to claim success for the economic recovery acts. Apparently Biden wants more union workers any way he can get them according to a recent AP article. And support is growing for the one proposed method that will surely succeed in making that goal a reality. Card check may actually be close to a reality according to another AP article. It amazes me that the leftist believe that unions are the only way to strengthen the middle class. All I have ever seen unions accomplish is an artificial driving up of cost, which lowers profits or drives up prices.
Lower profits usually result in cost reductions. As a senior manager I know where the cuts eventual have to take place. Labor. Higher prices reduce profits through lower sales. Our global economy has provided to many lower cost options. And when all of this plays out it starts to look a lot like GM and Chrysler. Many other companies have suffered similar fates, but these two have made it publicly visible. I have seen many a job lost or transferred that was directly attributed to a union. How many auto industry jobs have been lost in recent years? How strong did the UAW make the automotive industries middle class workforce?
Unions are not non-profit organizations. They are businesses that operate for a profit. They have an agenda like that of any business. Increase earnings. But their cash cow is union dues. In order to increase earnings, you need to increase dues. So you need more dues payers. They have a lot at stake and the stakes are high. Look at what the UAW got out of the Chrysler deal compared to the investors. Allowing this card check measure to pass would be disastrous. Fix the NLRB and don't give the unions any more power than they already have. Otherwise we will rue the day it happened. The auto industry has.
The race is on. Keep turning left folks. I'm not sure how many laps are left, but the end is out there somewhere. We'll get there sooner or later. More and more it is looking like sooner.

Tea Party 2.0

Watch out Dolley. Those good-for-nothing tea baggers are back. My big concern here is this. The tea party needs to be about policy and not about party. It had more legitimacy when it was not about party. Now the GOP is trying to capitalize on the tea party movement and this will give the liberal left all the firepower they need to illigitimize something that is so needed - a unified front against our irresponsible elected officials that spans all parties. Tune in tonight, we'll see how it goes.

Socialist Success Story

I think I must have overlooked some names in the obits. My fellow founding fathers seem to have passed away. Maybe this will make them roll over in their graves, or spark a little life back into them. Has this blog become a lame duck?

Well, here is a story that should make us all consider the merits of what our present policy makers seem to have in mind for us. But read carefully. It is the NY Times. But there are a few subtle references to some negatives.

RIP my brothers...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Audacity of Logic: Letting ALL the Cats Out of The Bag (Click to read CIA memos)

The Audacity of Logic: Letting ALL the Cats Out of The Bag (Click to read CIA memos)

Late in the game for a change, but at least some logic is being displayed regarding publicizing enemy POW photos.

More Stimulus Faults

More unfortunate news concerning the truly needy being left out. I always knew that a mistake was in the making. Obama made a huge deal out of cutting the budget with a scalpel, not a hatchet, and a huge deal out of taking time to make the right decisions, not rushing willy-nilly into something, but the stimulus package was just that. I knew we needed more time to be sure the right thing was being done. And now we have more bad news about needy areas being left out while some more prosperous areas are getting more. Our politicians need to be help accountable and in many cases need to be dumped. Look at the Murtha Airport for support of outright abuse of power. And as for the stimulus, I'll guarantee that a lot of needy people were sold out for some favors and backpatting between our illustrious leaders.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stimulus Will Backfire in Places

I read a recent state report concerning how excited SC was that stimulus projects bids have been coming in well under budget. This is happening in other states as well. It has actually been going on for the last year, before the stimulus package was even a concept. I am in the commercial/industrial construction field. The decline of the housing market has resulted in a dump of residential contractors into the commercial/industrial pool. Compound that with a decline in construction across the board and you now have what equates to a feeding frenzy.

Many of these contractors are bidding below cost just to slow down the bleeding. I see it frequently. Contractors trying to at least make a marginal profit losing to contractors bidding the project below cost. Our bureacratic sytems in place at all levels from local to national governments generally take the low bid, as long as there is a p&p bond. The stimulus plan was well intentioned and I would love to see it work as intended, but what I fear we will see is a large number of businesses going by the wayside because they continued to try to make a profit (albeit small), while a number of businesses will also fall along the way because they will find out too late that you cannot survive by losing money (unless you are so big that the gov. steps in to give you more money to lose).

Instead of preserving the small business owners while sticking it to the big mega firms we are all supposed to hate so much because they make so much money and pay so little in taxes, the victim in the stimulus plan will be the smaller company without the capital and cash reserves to weather the storm. The only way my firm can get a school project or other stimulus related project is to bid well below our cost. Every bid we have lost was well below our cost, some below material cost alone (so it is not just a matter of our cost being too high, there is a floor on material prices). We choose not to do that for what I believe to be the right reasons. But the next time I write to you, I may be one of the many unemployed people sucking on the government teet and looking for a job.

And to add insult to injury, you do get what you pay for. Many of these projects will not live the full length of their intent and require a rebuild sooner, or costly repairs along the way. Mark my words. Not all will as ethical businesses will still perform ethically, but many will. And who is going to pay for that?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Article and Web site

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Narcissism and the Cult of Personality

I do not advocate name calling, nor demonetization of your political opponents; I will leave that to the left. Something is not right about our current President; he just does not compute. The day after the election, my sister called me and we discussed how disturbed we were about Obama. We detailed our unease and angst over this man, how our spirits rebelled when we heard him speak, how we felt the forebodings of dread and genuine fear for our country under the leadership of this man. Being a patriotic American, though, I said that we must pray for our new President and our country - I have done so. I remain as uneasy today as I was then.

I believe now, I understand why I have felt the unease. Have you ever been around an unstable or irrational person? I have, and it is the same feeling that I get when I watch President Obama. Many people, smarter than I have observed him and have concluded that he has strong Narcissistic traits. The below is a description of a Narcissist (copied from

In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:
  • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
  • Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
  • Requires excessive admiration
  • Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
  • Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
  • Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
  • Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
  • Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.
You be the judge - if you have observed the man in any fashion, you will agree that he exhibits all of the above. Okay, big deal, right? Well, this is a serious psychological disorder and represents a real and present danger to the country and world. Mad men through the ages have suffered from NPD; Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung Il, Sadam Hussein, Mussolini all Narcisisits who demanded absolute power and led their countries down self serving roads to destruction.

I am not saying this to be inflamitory, but the Devil is described in the Scriptures in the exact terms above. Perhaps this is why President Obama disturbs my Spirit.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whatever Happened to Delayed Gratification?

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in life is how to wait and the value that can be attained in the waiting. It goes against everything in me. I don't want to wait; I want it now. I don't want to wait in line, I don't want to wait for a website to load, I don't want to wait for someone to answer my question - I want it now. My parents stood strong and forced me to learn this lesson - good things in life are worth waiting for. Sadly, we have failed as a society to embrace this virtue nor have we successfully passed it on to our children, as we do not practice it ourselves.

We don't wait for anything anymore. We have premarital sex, because we just couldn't wait. The results are unwanted pregnancy, the cheapening of God's greatest gift to married couples, broken hearts, sexually transmitted diseases, and a whole host of other negative consequences. But we as a society expect this behavior and think those that do not engage in it are weird.

Millions of Americans just couldn't wait for that big house that they couldn't afford. They drove to the store in cars they couldn't afford and bought furniture and electronics that they couldn't afford dressed in clothes they had bought on credit. Society encouraged everyone - consumer spending of course was the fuel for our economy. The fall out? Many are sick with worry, up to the necks in debt, and are screaming for the Almighty Government to come and save them.

We don't even wait to find out the sex of our children! We use all sorts of lame excuses about decorating and planning, but in the end we sacrifice one of the greatest moments God can give to a couple. We throw away the wonder and excitement of waiting for a child to be born to find out the big surprise. We name the child and set an appointment for his birth and then wonder why no one seems to be all that interested in this blessed event. Because we've ruined the surprise. It's like finding out what you are getting for Christmas before Christmas morning, as adults we learn that the surprise is better than knowing, then why do most couples find out the sex? They just can't wait.

The consequences are enormous; individually and collectively we are reaping what we have sown. Ironically, we have still not begun to learn this lesson because we are spending billions of dollars to try and avoid the inevitable pain. The day of reckoning is upon us and we are screaming like spoiled toddlers that we need it to get better, RIGHT NOW! No amount of whining or spending will avoid the consequences; perhaps if it is painful enough we will learn the value of delayed gratification. If not, we are destined to continue to repeat the same behavior that got us here to begin with.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Missing or Murdered - No One will ever know unless you are a pretty white girl

Are you beautiful? If not, are you at least smart? If you are beautiful and you are smart - well, you hit the genetic lottery and you are by our societies standards our most valuable. We are all instinctively aware of this, but it was first brought to my attention while reading Dr. James Dobson. Dr. Dobson pointed out that for children in our society that are neither beautiful or smart parents need to validate and encourage those children for what they DO have to offer. He used the example of the notorious mass murderer, Richard Speck, who over the course of an evening, murdered eight nursing students in Chicago. A reporter commented that it was made even more tragic because all of the girls had been so attractive. In one off hand comment, he revealed what we truly believe, if you are beautiful, your life is more important.

National news coverage is only given to tragic abductions and murders of pretty white girls. When is the last time you saw a black child getting national news coverage? What about an ugly kid? Or what about a boy? I can answer that for you - you haven't. You can probably name the ones that come to mind: Jonbenet Ramsey, Polly Klaas, Elizabeth Smart, Jessica Lunsford and the latest Britanee Drexel. So our all inclusive media, who worships at the altar of promoting equality, fail, yet again, to present the news in an unbiased fashion.

I am by no means underplaying the seriousness and heart breaking reality of families dealing with the worst nightmare I can imagine. I am merely pointing out that if you are beautiful you get the coverage. Many of these families have channeled their tragedies into foundations that spot light this issue and have done great things to help save other children. John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, Mark Klaas of the Klaaskids Foundation, the Nationwide AMBER alert system - all beauty from ashes, made possible through national exposure of these cases.

Thankfully, there is someone who knows the pain these families suffer through, who comforts the grieving, and cares for the lost and the forgotten! He is incorruptable and eternal, He loves you so much He died for you. Jesus knows, and praise Him for that - because we fallable humans sure don't!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Death of the Two Party System

Glen Beck hosted a two hour show 5/1/09 (60 minutes on his show and then the additional 60 minutes posted on the Internet). His audience was comprised of about 45 average Americans who attended the Tea Parties. I am one of them; that's how I see things, too.

Several things struck me in the show of hands poll that Glen Beck took at the beginning of the segment.

Who believes in the Two Party System - no one raised their hands.
Who is a reluctant activist - 2/3 raised their hands
Who is madder at the GOP than the Democrats because you expect this from the Democrats? the majority raised their hands.

Do you know what else struck me? That there is a ton of stuff all of these people believed in and not a whole lot they didn't agree on - but in the end their is no place for them in the Two Party System.

If there was a Dolley Madison party it would look like this:

Constitutionalists - purist and strict interpretation
Environmental Stewards - not insane Greenies or pollution happy capitalist pigs, just following the guideline of Genesis to be good stewards of the Earth.
Strong Military - but insist other countries stop being on the Trillion Dollar military welfare program.
Return to State and Local Government power and an abolition of unconstitutional Federal Government Programs, Departments, and Policies.
Fair and Flat Tax
Allow states to pass their own laws on abortion, speed limits, drinking age, and other areas where the Federal Government has usurped the state's authority to govern themselves.
Secure Borders and sensible immigration policies
Minimal Government regulations on business

So there you have it America, the launch of Dolley's Party, but I guess we will have to rename it because Patrick Henry would never join a party called Dolley, unless of course, he decides to become a metrosexual.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Where have all the real men gone?

Please follow this link to a clip from a recent Press Conference with President Obama...

This is not a dart being thrown at the President, but come on, what kind of world do we live in where a White House Reporter asks the president "...what has enchanted you?" Are you serious? Did I blink my eyes and wake up in a Disney Movie? Can you imagine Helen Thomas asking this question? Jeff Zeleny is the New York Times reporter who asked this "enchanted" question, and I have to say wow Jeff, did Sneezy or Doc help you craft that hardball? Or was it Simba and Nala, please cue the music folks ...can you feel the love tonight... (that other sound you heard was the ghosts of the Kenedy white house reporters turning over in their collective graves...)

What have become of men in our society? We force our rough and tumble boys to sit through an education system that totally emasculates them and teaches them that acting like boys (young men) is wrong. We now have a whole generation of aged boys (instead of men) in our society. And we wonder why we do not have anyone around to make the hard decision to do hard things.

It's because we have been trying like crazy to train this out of our boys. By the time most of the boys in my generation reached the age 0f 10 they had been in at least 2-3 fights. You learned how to fight, how to stand up to bullies, and you learned that if you were a bully, some guy would eventually have enough of your crap and give you the ass whuppin you richly deserved.

It is time that we recognize that we must let our boys act like boys. Be rough, be bold, get dirty, get into a fight, bloody your nose, your friends nose, your knees whatever. We do not need a generation of soft men, but that is mostly what we have. Ask 20 males in the age group 20 -35 if they have ever been in a real fight, I bet you will find that less than 10% has ever fought, and sibling fights DO NOT COUNT!

John Eldredge approaches this issue from a Christian perspective. His book Wild at Heart is invaluable and should be required reading for all men, and the women who love them. There is also a video series available for this as well. Christianity has been teaching men that we should try to be more Christ like. OK, but unlike the bumper sticker I have seen "Jesus was a Pacifist" we should truly understand the nature of Jesus and realize that he was nothing at all like that. Jesus was a true BadAss. He was a trouble maker and a hard man, he lived in the wilderness, he overturned the table in the temple, he picked fights with the leaders of his time. He was not soft. Jesus the "Good Shepherd" is the image we are given. OK, but shepherds were not soft men. they were rugged men, tough guys, the lived in the wild, they fought lions and bears, and protected their flock from hard. they loved their flock, but they were not going to apologize to the wolves trying to eat their sheep for driving them off with a sling, or bow or a staff.

Wake up America. We need manly men, hard men, holy warriors or this nation will surely go the direction of post christian Europe.

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