Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And the punchline is?

Take a few moments to read an article about a proposed tax increase in Gwinnett county, Georgia. Amazingly enough, Gwinnett County Commissioners (I'm glad I do not live in that county) have announced that they plan to increase taxes 25 to 30 percent. $43 million dollars of the projected $87 million raised would not be spent this year, but will be put into something commissioners call a "working capital reserve".

What? In this economic environment, when income taxes are going to increase thanks to the Federal government, and home foreclosures are on the rise in the Atlanta area, the county commission decides that it is a good thing to raise taxes?

The insanity is obviously not limited to the left in Washington. What kind of ridiculous Statist morons did the people of Gwinnett County elect? What left leaning, over taxing liberals are leading that county? Check out the Gwinnett County website for the biographies of the County Commissioners...

So what is the punchline, or the point? The point is that each of these Statists are also Members of the Republican party. In the words of Paul Harvey "...and now you know the rest of the story."


  1. Yeah, Alen Specter was a Republican too.

  2. As one person commented, the world has turned upside down. Left is right, up is down, and I have said it before, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is not that great on a left/right scale. Ideologies differ, but big government is in now. A libertarian conservative based third party would wreak havoc on both parties. The number of defectors would be huge. The power of the voter must be felt so the voice of the voter will be heard. Politicians better be on their guard. The natives are getting restless.

  3. It all depends on whether or not our culture has changed enough to not challenge the liberal/socialist agenda. I fear it has indeed changed that much, that it will allow it, thus dooming the GOP and any other entity that may rear its head to voice opposition. Case in point: Even though Judge Alito was eminently qualified to serve on the bench the Libs racked him over the coals for an extended period of time, with Obama leading the charge, as I remember. Now, the Libs are threatening anyone who even questions Sotomayor's nomination, and I heard today rumblings that they want a straight up and down vote without any chance to question her. Doesn’t that supersede the very foundation of Congress supposedly having a duty to render advice and consent? What a bunch of hypocrites the Libs are. But, how much do you want to bet that the Republicans give her a pass, because they are afraid of alienating the female and Hispanic vote?

  4. So you think the pendulum will move so far left that it gets stuck in the woodworks and won't swing back? I agree the Republicans will cower on this one, and that they are on life support right now. I also agree that the liberals do not thing the door swings both ways, but I guess I try to be more optimistic about the will of the people to do the right thing and reject the move toward socialism. But it is easy to be cynical, there has not been much good news for libertarian minded people.

  5. I think the pendulum has already swung and is fully rooted in a left leaning posture, one that our culture has accepted and tolerated to the point where we now make excuses and justification for actions that would never have been tolerated, even just a short time ago. In addition, there is now a double standard where what's righteous for the left is evil for the right. Case in point: Racism should be abhorrent in any form when perpetrated by anyone. However, if it’s the RIGHT kind of racism, like the quote from Judge Sotomayor saying she would make better decisions as a Latina, than a white male, that is not only tolerated, it’s celebrated. Just imagine what would happen if a nominee who was a white male said that he, being white and male, would make better decisions than a Latina; he’d be taken outside, tied to a tree and beaten soundly with a big stick.

  6. Here is the truth. It is not something many people will speak, and many many women I have said this too are greatly offended by my assertion of this truth. Nonetheless, the truth it is and it is truth that should be recognized. Here it is - the only group of people in the USA that it is not only accepted to discriminate against, but it is actually encouraged and even legislated against is the straight white male. Yep, I said it, and at the end of the day it is key that this truth is recognized. And, I do understand why it is this way, straight white men had control for the first 180 years or so of the country. And, we screwed up in this area, though I would like to point out that it was a Republican President who freed the salves, and rightly so, and it was the Republicans who passed the civil rights act in the 60's.

    The point is, that if we point out these truths we will be labled as racist. However, what I am saying is that it is everybody's duty to point out racism on all points where ever it occurs, and by who ever causes it. Period.

  7. Anonomous, what you say is unfortunately based in much truth. As we look to speak the truth based in logic, as politically incorrect as our current society would view your words, I will contend that truth and logic should not be supressed because it is unpopular to hear. Descrimination is descrimination, regardless of the race, religion, economics, etc. that it is directed towards. Unfortunately we have a lot of discrimination going around. And being accepted as fairness.



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