Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it Starting to Work?

I am encouraged, perhaps a bit premature, but encouraged regardless. After months of very little to cheer about (except the Tea Party Movement and the reawakening of the Great American Freedom Machine), we have had several moves in the right direction:
  • California voted this week against new taxes.
  • The Fed refused to co-sign on California additional borrowing.
  • The Senate went against the Teleprompter in Chief and voted against closing Gitmo without a plan.
  • The EPA determined that pursuing Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant would fundamentally hurt the economy.

Amidst all of the noise from our Nation's Capital - this is all good news. These are all victories for common sense. People are starting to wake up.

Can you imagine the impact if the Californians rise up en mass and say, "Stop It!"? The great state of California, home of Ronald Reagan, unbelievable natural beauty and resources - if they said, no more.

The Fed not backing a failed California Government is a good thing. You can not bail out someone who has not changed their behavior.

On the Senate not closing Gitmo, I heard Mitch McConnell say, "We need a plan, Mr. President, not another speech." I resoundingly say, "Here Here!"

The EPA determining not to classify what air breathing creatures EXHALE as a pollutant is a good thing folks. Now I will admit, that when Mr. Franklin and Mr. Washington returned from a "Smoker" at their previous club, the exhales might have righteously been classified as pollutants... but none the less, this is a victory for common sense.

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  1. Oh, THAT'S why you always refused my advances! Anyway, I hadn't heard that the EPA changed its mind on CO2. Where did you hear this?



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