Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California & States Rights

I will try to be brief and address two issues at once here. California has shown me in the last few days that, as a state, they will not be defined by the vocal, liberal minority. They have rejected higher taxes (sorry Powell, if California doesn't really want higher taxes, I doubt if any state does) and have upheld the ban on gay marriage. I am not going to get into a discussion about gay marriage, but what interest me here is California's assertion of states rights and the contradictions to the left coast ideals that are stereotyped on the masses because of a select few (read squeeky wheels) of the population. The states rights debate has come and gone many times over our countries history. I do believe this current states rights debate is still a sleeping issue in the main stream media, but it will have to be recognized and addressed before it goes dormant this time around.


  1. I agree, Mr. Adams, that the votes in California have been very surprising and validating to the more conservative among us. Now if they would stop being a rubber stamp for the Presidential elections, then I will celebrate!

  2. I should dedicate another blog to this, but the electoral college gives too few too much power to affect the presidential election, California being one of them.



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