Friday, May 15, 2009

Calling them Out: The Incoherant Nancy Pelosi

Does Nancy Pelosi really think she can call the CIA a bunch of liars, misrepresent what they briefed her on, and claim outrage 7 years after the fact and the CIA would cower at all her "power"? I don't think so slappy.

If you watched the incoherent video of Nancy Pelosi trying to back pedal on what she knew and when she knew it in regards to the EIT, she couldn't get it together. She was shaking, rambling, and generally displayed all of the body language of a prevaricator. The story has changed yet again and everyone who has children recognized the signs of somebody who has just been busted.

Take my word, Nancy Pelosi will be exposed for the utter liar and hypocrite that she is and the CIA will be vindicated in this area. But will anybody really care? Will there be a media siege on the Speaker's life? Will the world call for the resignation of a this woman whose leftist agenda threatens to destroy this country? No, I don't believe so. The liberal media will bury the story, her colleagues will rally around her, and the American people won't really care because "that is just politics."

It is a sad commentary.


  1. She may be one of them San Francisco Metro-transsexualvite types, meaning if she isn't stupid, she has balls. Calling out the CIA! They probably do lie and deceive about things, it goes with the territory so to speak. But they can also ruin lives and reputations if they want to. RIP Ms. Pelosi.

  2. As a former member of the media, I can tell you that it is made up mostly of whores; meaning that they are not loyal to anything but the almighty dollar; e.g., ratings. I don't know if you caught the liberal media giving her a hard time and hounding her with questions or not, but I think it's just the beginning. I also think there will be a point when they turn on Oblunder also. Remember, the media hasn't had a juicy scandal/Senate Investigation photo op since Clinton. If they go forward with this "Truth Commission" they will be like sharks zeroing in on a swimmer who just pricked his finger.



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