Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does the GOP need to be buried?

I'm listening to all the chatter out there on the airwaves and it seems like there is some push back occurring on the Democrats in Washington, but why do we not see broader anger at the steps taken by the President and Congressional Democrats? I fear that this is reflective of the country's fatigue with the Republican party.

I'm no big fan of Jessi Ventura, but I heard him on the radio the other day and he made some sense. He was asked about Republicans versus Democrats. His view is that they are both for the same thing, which is bigger government and he is absolutely right on that issue.

I see the two parties as corrupt. Democrats tell us how they should spend our money and start programs to redistribute our wealth as they see fit, as if they are better at that than I am. I give a significant amount of money to charities that funnel upwards of $0.995 of every $1.00 to the people in need. No government agency is capable of that and I sure as heck do not want my money to bail out automakers and then see my shares handed to the UAW that caused the issue in the first place.

On the other hand, Republicans are all about telling you how to live your life. Frankly speaking, I live in line with a strong moral code that I have found most people in my line of business simply can not live up to. I would prefer it if they could be honest and forthright, but I don't need the government to enforce my standards on them.

Libertarians seem to go towards anarchy in the end, and that is no better than what we have now.

Bottom line; The government has no business telling us how we should live our lives. What we do in our private lives, or behind closed doors, is none of the governments business unless our choices are infringing upon others rights to their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We don't really need the governments' help. What we need is for the government to stop messing around with things and get the hell out of the way. The American people can govern themselves very well without hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi trying to tell us what to do.

I don't know what my views make me politically, but I am standing on my call for a new party founded upon Logic and the principle as put forth in the Constitution of the USA. James Madison and the other framers of the constitution got this thing right. We just have to read it, follow it and stop the nonsense.


  1. I stand beside you on this third party thing, as well as the rest. Neither of our current two parties can be trusted to limit government anymore. Get out of my pockets and quit ruining my life. It is not to say all politicians are bad, but the good ones have no where to go, no viable party to affiliate with. Without that affiliation it equates to political suicide for most politicians. Therefore they are forced to 'conform or be cast out,' much like my local state representative is finding out in his first term at the state capital. He is very frustrated with the political machine. Pat, when I run for governor, what shall I call our new party? Gump...

  2. I couldn't agree more and actually have begun the Dolley Madison political party. Wanna join, we will double in size?

    On a serious note, you are not alone. The public is disenfranchised from both parties. The Obama voters who are freaking over what a true liberal agenda actually looks like and the small government, return to the Constitutionalists such as ourselves, are equally ready for real change.

  3. I've always described myself as a Constitutionalist first, a conservative second, and (if I have to) a Republican third. But, unless you can get past our system being just a two-party dance, I wouldn't be throwing dirt on the GOP just yet; not unless you have a viable alternative.

  4. We need a viable third party and a resultant three party system. Jefferson knew this from the onset. Therefore, we need the Republican party and the Democratic party to remain viable. It is necessary to have the checks and balances that were designed into our form of government. We should not throw dirt on the GOP and noone should throw mud on their opponent. It appears to me that far too often we have opposition for the sake of opposition between the Democrats and the Republicans, with plenty of guilt to go around on bith sides. Obama pledged to bring civility back to the capital and end the bickering. He has demonstrated a lot of talent for various things, but I am beginning to believe that no man has the ability to fix that. But a unified group standing their ground in the middle absolutely would have the ability to fix that.
    I will join the Dolley Madison movement.



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