Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eating some Red Herring

I have stated pretty clearly that I wanted to stay away from "Red Herring" issues like abortion and gay marriage, but I heard this morning about a graduation address by the president of Trinity Washington University, Patricia McGuire, denouncing the "religious vigilantism" of those who opposed Obama's visit (to Notre Dame University) and calling their protests "an embarrassment to all Catholics." I would likely not do justice to the topic in light that Rush Limbaugh covered it this morning in his Morning Update, but I have to weigh in here.

The hypocrisy of this is amazing to me. She is the President of a Catholic University, the same one Nanci Pelosi graduated from, and yet here she is calling peaceful protesters at Notre Dame bad Catholics. Now, I have my issues with some of the policies and teachings of the Catholic church, but then again I'm not a member like Nancy and the president of Trinity Washington. A basic position of the Pope is NO ABORTION and no birth control either. The protesters did not want President Obama, a strong supporter of abortion, to give an address at their university. I would call them righteous for apposing the hypocrisy of the Notre Dame leadership for allowing him to give the commencement address.

This is a case of another liberal compromising their supposed priciples in the name of Liberalism. If I were a Catholic, I would immediately take steps to stop any funding of Trinity Washington University until they replaced the president with one that is actually in step with the teachings of the church. I wonder where the media is to shine the light on this hypocrisy?

I could sure use some liberty and freedom from these ill thought hypocrites.

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  1. Up is down, down is up and righteous are demonized while the evil are exalted.



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