Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hate Crimes Bill - Protecting Who?

If a flasher exposes himself to me and I in horror hit him, he is guilty of a local misdemeanor, while I am guilty of a Federal Felony Hate Crime. If a pedophyle trys to lure your child into a car and you kill him, you are guilty of a Hate Crime. If you are drunk and run over a transgender person you are not only guilty of drunk driving, but a Hate Crime. If a Pastor preaches out of the Bible against sinful behavior and someone who heard the message, commits a crime against a homosexual, the Pastor can be charged with a Hate Crime.

Seem outlandish? Well, in its current form the Hate Crimes bill that has passed in the House can do just that. It is a recipe for Judicial disaster. Singling out individuals for special protection under the law is wrong. The premise seems harmless, but if you dig beneath the surface and dissect the real world ramifications of this bill, it is disturbing. Hailed by the left as protecting homosexuals from hate motivated crimes, the Dems refused to clarify the language and will that up to the courts. It is intended to make it a Federal Felony to engage in a hate crime, which by definition is an attack based on a victim's sexual orientation, gender identity or mental or physical disability. So, by my count every human on the planet is covered.

Focus on the Family and clearly outlines what this bill has the potential to do: http://www.family.org/sharedassets/correspondence/pdfs/PublicPolicy/The_Problems_with_Hate_Crime_Laws.pdf

Highlights - no need for the bill, current protections sufficient, no rise in Hate crimes.
Treats victims of the same crime unequally under the law
Punishes thoughts not actions
Doesn't define the class it seeks to protect
Paves the way for religious persecution

When did being a normal, traditional, American afford you LESS protection under the law?

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