Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Keep Turning Left

It's almost like a NASCAR race, just keep turning left till you get to the end. That's right, the end, not the finish line. This is one of the most counter productive measures we could take and it is being sold as the only way to claim success for the economic recovery acts. Apparently Biden wants more union workers any way he can get them according to a recent AP article. And support is growing for the one proposed method that will surely succeed in making that goal a reality. Card check may actually be close to a reality according to another AP article. It amazes me that the leftist believe that unions are the only way to strengthen the middle class. All I have ever seen unions accomplish is an artificial driving up of cost, which lowers profits or drives up prices.
Lower profits usually result in cost reductions. As a senior manager I know where the cuts eventual have to take place. Labor. Higher prices reduce profits through lower sales. Our global economy has provided to many lower cost options. And when all of this plays out it starts to look a lot like GM and Chrysler. Many other companies have suffered similar fates, but these two have made it publicly visible. I have seen many a job lost or transferred that was directly attributed to a union. How many auto industry jobs have been lost in recent years? How strong did the UAW make the automotive industries middle class workforce?
Unions are not non-profit organizations. They are businesses that operate for a profit. They have an agenda like that of any business. Increase earnings. But their cash cow is union dues. In order to increase earnings, you need to increase dues. So you need more dues payers. They have a lot at stake and the stakes are high. Look at what the UAW got out of the Chrysler deal compared to the investors. Allowing this card check measure to pass would be disastrous. Fix the NLRB and don't give the unions any more power than they already have. Otherwise we will rue the day it happened. The auto industry has.
The race is on. Keep turning left folks. I'm not sure how many laps are left, but the end is out there somewhere. We'll get there sooner or later. More and more it is looking like sooner.


  1. Just look at the areas where Labor Unions are powerful, the areas are destroyed. It is as if the left has no analytical ability to study history and determine what works - they continue down paths that have proven faulty at best and miserable failures at worst.

  2. California is on the verge of going bankrupt. The state is broke. California is practically run by unions. Put another notch on the union belt.



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