Friday, May 1, 2009

Where have all the real men gone?

Please follow this link to a clip from a recent Press Conference with President Obama...

This is not a dart being thrown at the President, but come on, what kind of world do we live in where a White House Reporter asks the president "...what has enchanted you?" Are you serious? Did I blink my eyes and wake up in a Disney Movie? Can you imagine Helen Thomas asking this question? Jeff Zeleny is the New York Times reporter who asked this "enchanted" question, and I have to say wow Jeff, did Sneezy or Doc help you craft that hardball? Or was it Simba and Nala, please cue the music folks ...can you feel the love tonight... (that other sound you heard was the ghosts of the Kenedy white house reporters turning over in their collective graves...)

What have become of men in our society? We force our rough and tumble boys to sit through an education system that totally emasculates them and teaches them that acting like boys (young men) is wrong. We now have a whole generation of aged boys (instead of men) in our society. And we wonder why we do not have anyone around to make the hard decision to do hard things.

It's because we have been trying like crazy to train this out of our boys. By the time most of the boys in my generation reached the age 0f 10 they had been in at least 2-3 fights. You learned how to fight, how to stand up to bullies, and you learned that if you were a bully, some guy would eventually have enough of your crap and give you the ass whuppin you richly deserved.

It is time that we recognize that we must let our boys act like boys. Be rough, be bold, get dirty, get into a fight, bloody your nose, your friends nose, your knees whatever. We do not need a generation of soft men, but that is mostly what we have. Ask 20 males in the age group 20 -35 if they have ever been in a real fight, I bet you will find that less than 10% has ever fought, and sibling fights DO NOT COUNT!

John Eldredge approaches this issue from a Christian perspective. His book Wild at Heart is invaluable and should be required reading for all men, and the women who love them. There is also a video series available for this as well. Christianity has been teaching men that we should try to be more Christ like. OK, but unlike the bumper sticker I have seen "Jesus was a Pacifist" we should truly understand the nature of Jesus and realize that he was nothing at all like that. Jesus was a true BadAss. He was a trouble maker and a hard man, he lived in the wilderness, he overturned the table in the temple, he picked fights with the leaders of his time. He was not soft. Jesus the "Good Shepherd" is the image we are given. OK, but shepherds were not soft men. they were rugged men, tough guys, the lived in the wild, they fought lions and bears, and protected their flock from hard. they loved their flock, but they were not going to apologize to the wolves trying to eat their sheep for driving them off with a sling, or bow or a staff.

Wake up America. We need manly men, hard men, holy warriors or this nation will surely go the direction of post christian Europe.


  1. Can You imagine this clown asking Harry Truman or Ike, or JFK, or Reagan this question? The term you were searching for in your post, to describe the "men" we're seeing today, is that ever enchanting word, "metrosexual."

  2. I,unlike my nom de plume, will raise a real man. To that end we do not have TV, so he is not indoctrinated to be a smart aleck kid. He is not exposed to the ever present parents and particularly fathers are fools and blustering buffoons. I teach him to fight and to not have to fight. I try to teach him manners (as he sits behind me and farts) and I try to teach him to love the Lord. He is sloppy, he would never bath if I left it up to him. He eats like a pig and thinks the word, "Balls" is hysterical. In short, my son is a proper young man and I will keep him that way as long as I can.



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