Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Criminal Organizations

When first being exposed to Obama during the campaign, I originally held the belief that he was nothing more than an inexperienced front man for the Democrats in power, like Pelosi and Reid, and that in reality he could do nothing more than look nice and deliver a good speech—as long as he had a teleprompter. While I still believe he needs a teleprompter to speak coherently in front of a crowd, I am now convinced he isn’t as inexperienced as I originally thought, and that he has plans other than just following Nancy and Harry’s lead. I believe he was a good student during his time spent as a “community organizer” with ACORN. I also believe he had his baptism of fire while there amidst the Chicago run political machine, where he learned a lot from them also and, of course, both he and Michelle, along with some of the other usual suspects like Hillary and company, are Saul Alinsky protégés, from way back. More importantly, Obama isn’t just a liberal Democrat; he is an early Twentieth Century Progressive. That may sound harmless and innocuous enough, but if you are not familiar with his agenda, you need to get educated quickly. To sum it up, and as Obama himself said in his inaugural speech, he doesn’t intend to re-build America; he intends to “re-make” America.

Some information is slowly leaking out now about the corruption that exists with the ACORN people and the organization itself. There are vast amounts of money being funneled into hundreds of organizations it controls and there is evidence of massive fraud, embezzlement, and organized corruption, most of which is financed with taxpayer monies. ACORN has been likened to an organized criminal operation, and we have yet to see how far up the food chain it goes. But, this whole scenario pales in comparison to what is being perpetrated by Obama and the current administration. If you start to dig deeper into the goings on you see that Obama is circumventing the Constitution at almost every turn, and has already spent trillions of dollars and/or put these vast amounts of money under control of men who answer only to him, thereby negating our system of checks and balances. I’ve heard Barney Frank, as of late, screaming about “Oversight.” Where is the over site in the Obama administration? The system of “Czars”, the takeover of private industry, the illegal issuance of monies to very specific organizations, the plan to cap salaries, the redistribution of wealth that has already started, the concept of “cap and trade,” which will reward a few major companies who put him in power, to the tune of billions, and a whole host of other actions he has undertaken, are all illegal and unconstitutional, but yet he is doing it and getting away with it. I believe there are many back room deals that have already happened that we either know nothing about or are now just seeing the tip of the iceberg so far. Remember, his formative years were spent with the Chicago political machine and with ACORN. I believe his plan is very specific, in that he sees the re-making of this country, much like the president with whom he compares himself; FDR, who was once quoted as saying his plan would incorporate a “New Bill of Rights.” (I didn’t realize there was anything wrong with the old one, unless you have a very disturbing plan indeed) In reality, Obama only has a few goals in mind. What he proposes is a "post-material economy." He would de-emphasize the production of ever-more private goods and services, harnessing the economy to achieve broad social goals. In the process, he sets aside the standard logic of economic progress. Simply put, he will be enacting a government controlled economy, with a simple chain of command; him in command and us in chains.


  1. I can not explain it and have no damning proof but 'something is rotten in the state of Denmark.' The fish was rotting from the head down according to Marcellus. I do not like what I see either and think the oft mentioned words of Shakespeare are very relevant. Much of what we are seeing comes straight from Saul Alinsky's playbook. We shall rue the day we voted for change and hope. We shall get the change, but I feel hope will become something we only cling to as we look toward the future.

  2. Fox News and specifically Glen Beck have been all over the Acorn and Progressives story. It is chilling indeed and if we had a main stream media that was doing their proper job the rest of the country would be in an uproar about the corruption and the skewed vision of Acorn and the Oppressives, ooops, Progressives.



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