Monday, June 15, 2009

Health Care Reform

Obama has set a deadline to have a plan to fix health care, much like the Iraq war and GITMO closing deadlines (that he had to back pedal on), by August. I am a firm believer that when the government can do something about Medicare to show that they are truly capable, then we can trust them to do something about general health care.

I will tell you the problem. Provide health care and people abuse it. Hence medical expenses go up, people want more health care and the upward spiral is on. People go to the doctor for the sniffles, the doctor (scared of misdiagnosing and getting sued, not that anyone would do that) orders a battery of test to rule out strep, staph, mono, swine flu. etc. and the cost escalate. We are an impatient and abusive society. Look at what our impatience and resultant abuse of fast food have done to our wast lines. You know, that's part of the problem as well, but I'll move on.

It used to be that if you didn't feel too well, you either stayed at home for a day or two, or at least tried to go to work or school, and if you didn't get to feeling any better after a while you went home for the previously mentioned day or two. Gargle salt water for the sore throat, a little Rock and Rye or Bourbon and honey to make things better (like NyQuil, just cheaper), and some rest was usually all it took. After a few days, maybe the doctor was in order if there was no noticeable improvement. Now we believe we need a battery of test, some oft abused antibiotics, and some other feel good medications or we may die from this most serious ailment.

My family got immediately healthier about 5 years ago when I made a decision to switch to a high deductible/major medical type health plan. The rates were so much cheaper that the money I saved each month more than covered my deductible. I would come out way better (financially, mind you) in the event of a major incident, but we would have to pay out of pocket for every little thing up until the 4 figure deductible was met. Gone was that joyous feeling of seeing the doctor for the $10 - $15 copay. And long lost were the $8 scripts ($25 if you had to have the designer stuff). The change was immediate. You have the sniffles, let's see how you feel tomorrow. My stomach hurts, here's a little PB to sooth it.

People, wake up. I am fortunate to be healthy and go to the doctor so infrequently (less than 1 time a year) that when they see me coming they actually are concerned about what might be wrong. And I know that there are people less fortunate and less healthy that need physician care and it is warranted. But there are a lot of you who are addicted to the hopes that the doctor will give you a miracle pill to fix your ills, or just too darn wimpy to deal with a little discomfort for a day or two (read my post from 4/22, cause our weak stomachs are costing us more than health care).

Obama, wake up and quit trying to scare the sheeple. You should not use fear and distress as a tool to further your agenda of shredding the Constitution and extending the governments tentacles into our daily lives. The government ruins everything it touches, turns hope into despair, and has no business trying to prove that it is capable at our continued expense. I am tired of politicians telling me that they have my best interest in mind, I am tired of the federal government digging deeper and deeper into my pockets and my life, and I am tired of YOU, selling your progressive agenda without one ounce of meat for anyone with some logic and intelligence to chew on. You should be ashamed. Your plan does not address the root cause of the problem and has no hope of doing anything positive. Even Newsweek agrees with me (at least for the most part)...

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  1. I too have elected for a high deductable major medical plan and pay out of pocket for small inconsequential doctor's visits, should the need ever arise. About the only regular trip I make to any "doctor" is to the dentist for regular cleanings.
    However, concerning the subject of Obama's health care plan, did anyone notice how he's trying to push this through in record time, just like the spendulous bill? And just like then, he is resorting to the scare tactics mentioned in the post, saying that if we don't pass health care reform the country will go bankrupt just like GM, which he says was driven into bankruptcy by the high cost of health care (Really? The unions and bad management had nothing to do with it???).
    We need to indeed wake up, because what this nationalized health care plan will ultimately accomplish will be the slow eradication of private health care companies. This is the plan people, no matter what is being said now about it stimulating competition. The government can out wait all the companies who currently offer health care plans, in fact, right after its inception, a lot of small companies will cease to exist. The big companies like that now, but sooner or later they will be gone too. This is the frog in a pan of water scenario folks. If you allow the government a foot hold, it will ultimately prevail as the only option for health care. Welcome to mediocrity



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