Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Health Care & Torte Reform

Is anybody considering the domino effect of government health care? Many business people out there, if given the option to not pay for employees health coverage, will not do so. They can just say "let the government program cover them" and "I'm already paying higher corporate taxes to pay for the government sponsored program anyway..." So the long term costs of the proposed program is going to further bankrupt the government.

Why don't we just reform the system we have now? Can you say Torte reform? If we had limited damages, then the cost of malpractice insurance would drop, the Doctors could charge less for their services, the insurance companies could charge less for coverage and the employers could afford to cover more people with better coverage as a condition of employment. Simple really. So why don't we do it? Because the overwhelming number of attorneys running the government will never limit their own personal ability to take their +20% of the damages awards given by ignorant juries. SIMPLE, but will never happen while we have the current crop of politicians in office

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  1. Ever notice that most Dummycrat politicians are lawyers? It also seems that most Republicans are, or where, business people. BTW, don't most laywers take a third?



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