Thursday, June 18, 2009

Honeymoon Over?

Obviously not for ABC, the All Barack Channel as I heard it coined (you have to chuckle at that one). They have their all day love fest at the White House coming up and will likely ask the usual non threatening and easy to answer questions in their attempt to help Obama railroad the public with his health care proposal. Fox News never was involved in the love fest, but gets thrown under the bus as a bunch of right wing pundits. The main stream media would like for people to view Fox News as illegitimate, more tabloid like, but I think viewership tells a different story. It has been a game with much of the main stream media that any criticism of Obama or his administration gets you labeled and thrown under the bus with Fox News. But Obama is not perfect, none of us are, and he better learn to take some criticism because it is going to be a long 4 years. Come on, even PETA is digging on the President for killing a fly, and how liberal are they?
But a new poll and report by NBC/WSJ is calling it like they see it and, I believe, close to the way the majority of Americans see it, not the way the liberal media and politicians would like for us to be seeing it. Thank you to NBC for participating in what I would consider an objective report on the President and the administration. Obama is a likable character and it remains obvious that people in general want to like him, but the popularity will soon wane as the peoples disapproval in policy, direction, and state of affairs continues (and it will). Additionally, there will come a time when Obama can no longer count on the get out of jail free (It was Bush's fault) card. The more time that passes, the weaker that play gets. Once the honeymoon is officially declared over, maybe we can get back to doing things the way they are supposed to be done.
The honeymoon may not be over, but the infatuation is dying. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a request to have the marriage annulled once the reality sets in. Otherwise, the divorce may get really ugly.

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  1. All of the networks except Fox News received rounds from the Speech Maker in Chief and his financial goons. Neil Cavuto stated that Dora the Explorer got an exclusive and Fox can not get the most Junior of Obama's financial absconders to come on his show or talk to the Fox Business Network.




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