Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's the Constitution stupid!

Why is it so hard for people to recognize that the current administration is just stomping all over the constitution? If you have never read it here is a link the Cornell school of Law online version. I keep a printed copy of the USA constitution in my briefcase, and I have been known to pull it out to ask a liberal where in this elegantly simple masterpiece of government does it give the President the right to fire CEO's of private companies, or to put all the health insurance companies flat out of business by orchestrating a Government take over of the health care industry in the USA.

Frankly it makes me sick.


  1. Let's not forget bailing out and taking over private banks.

  2. This is part and parcel to the Progressives agenda - to nulify the Constitution and expand central power while minimizing the three part checks and balances set forth by the Constitution in a manner that is viewed as justified by the masses due to the 'unique' circumstances we currently face that the founding fathers could not have anticipated and therefore cannot be handled by use of the Constitution in its existing form, thereby necessitating the need to modify the Constitution to fit our (read the Progressives) current needs. BULL!!!!!



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