Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama Illegally Fires an Inspector General

You will probably hear nothing about this in the MSM. You also probably won't find any "investigative" reporters from the Washington Post or the NY Times writing Pulitzer Prize winning expose´s on it. You certainly won't hear anyone in Congress calling for a Special Prosecutor to look into it, without any public outcry. But, the fact remains that last Wednesday, an Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, investigating a huge Obama campaign contributor, Sacramento Mayor - and former NBA star - Kevin Johnson's misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group that Johnson headed, was illegally fired by Obama. A law that went into effect last year, which Obama himself, at the time, supported, says that before any IG can be terminated the President has to give Congress 30 days notice AND give a viable reason. He did neither. He had the White House call the IG in question last week and demand his resignation or he would be fired. The IG refused to resign. The only "reason" thus far that Obama has given is that he has "lost confidence in him" over his handling of the investigation, which by the way did find irrefutable evidence of fraud. Unfortunately, Obama having "lost confidence" is a conclusion, not a reason, and any attempts thus far to ask what the real reason might be have fallen on deaf ears at the White House. Please read the Fox News articles at the links below, and call your Senators and Congressmen and demand they ask why this has happened.




  1. Well, at least we didn't find the guy dead from a "suicide" in a local park in the DC metro...

  2. No, that would be a Hillary thing.



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