Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silent or Silenced

The working middle class conservative people of this country, the generally referred to backbone of this country, have become silent, or maybe silenced. The fact that we are too busy working in order to carry the rest of the citizens waiting for their bailout may account for the silence, or maybe our outcry was like that of a cat getting its tail stepped on. There was the expected violent outcry and frantic running around, but eventually the pain turned to numbness and we all returned to our little quiet and steady roles in life. The liberals have it made and they know it. They will always be able to beat their drum more loudly, and longer, and they will always be there, still standing and spouting off long after the dust settles and the conservative has gone back to carrying the rest of the country on its working class shoulders again. 150 days in and the outcry has become a din. The excitement, the frantic running around, has waned. There are still the occasional skirmishes, and of course the old guard (Rush, Hannity, etc) denouncing every move the liberals make, but I am fearful that the common man has left the field of battle. The one soldier we truly need, they have rolled back into their day to day lives watching the events unfold from the sidelines hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Europe appears to be poised to try to regain their governments from the grips of socialism. I guess we will just have to sit around and wait until the experiment is done. And once again the squeaky wheel will get the grease. Viva la Liberale...

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  1. I don't think that the middle American has given up, I just think there is no outlet yet. There isn't much to do right now. But perhaps we all just feel a bit isolated. Have you visited the 9/12 project? There are over 600,000 people registered and commenting. Blogs like ours are every where. The Tea Parties were a million strong, no it's just quiet now. Middle America will put up with a lot, but I think even they have had too much.



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