Friday, June 26, 2009

Warped Perspective

I absolutely do not believe the level of hype surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. Don't get me wrong; I'm sorry he died, but the level of media coverage, even from FOX News, is ridiculous. You would think this guy was a president or head of state, or some philanthropic do-gooder who had been up for canonization. At best, the nicest thing you can say about Jackson was that he was a talented performer. However, would this be someone you would want to hold up as a role model for anyone? His personal lifestyle was unusual, to say the least. And, though we can't know for sure if he was ever guilty of any of the charges of child molestation, and I'm willing to entertain the possibility he was unjustly persecuted, his behavior was totally bizarre pertaining to children. What I can say is that I believe his own children will suffer the effects of his weird behavior for years to come, parading them around in masks, dangling them off balconies, etc., and I'm sorry to say the best thing that he could have done for these kids was to pass away; at least now any money his estate earns might benefit them, as opposed to it being squandered on hyper-baric sleeping chambers, exotic pets, routine plastic surgery and a whole host of other strange and frivolous junk. As a lesson in warped perspective, witness how little coverage Farrah Fawcett's death got in comparison. Here's a celebrity who used her last days on earth to chronicle the personal suffering and agony she went through fighting cancer, in order to bring awareness of the effects of this disease to the public. I guess though that can't compare to having grabbed your crotch while moonwalking, during the process of selling millions of albums to a generation of bubble-gummers.


  1. It was a shock when I got home last night and couldn't watch the tv without seeing MJ everywhere. I would have never expected so much coverage. Farrah definately made more of an impression on me as a kid. MJ was without a doubt a talent and transformational figure in the music industry and deserves recognition for that. But now that I know he was renting a mansion for $100,000 a month despite his financial woes just adds to the disillusioned disappointment he became, and the fact that we need to be careful who we raise up as idols for our youth to misconstrue as role models. RIP Farrah and Michael. It was a sad day indeed.

  2. I guess what intrigues me is that MJ was certainly among, if not the most, influential artist of the 80's, but was he universally influential? I certainly did not see him as influential as The Beatles and there was nowhere near the outpouring when George Harrison died though there was a lot of outpouring when John Lennon passed.

    When I look at MJ's behavior and level of influence I would say both are rivaled by Phil Spector and his "Wall of Sound." Do you think there will be this kind of outpouring when he passes? This does not make sense to me.

    With all that being said, I have to admit that he was certainly a significant part of the soundtrack of my high school years, and thriller was by all accounts a brilliant work of music and creativity. MJ always seemed to be a tortured soul and I hope he has found peace in the end.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! And yesterday the Congressional Black Caucus - a totally racist organization - made Congress honor Whacko-Jacko with a moment of silence, like he was some kind of fallen hero! What's this country come to? God help us.



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