Thursday, June 25, 2009

Calling Out Mark Sanford; resign now!

I was a long time supporter of Mark Sanford. I thought he stood by his convictions and made good decisions based upon constitutional lines. But, just like Bill Clinton's case, morals matter and apparently Mark Sanford lost the bearing on his moral compass.

What is it with these politicians? Do they just get so full of power and of themselves that they think they can get away with stuff? I understand that there is a lot of infidelity out there in our world. I heard some pundit saying yesterday that upwards of 50% of men cheat (no mention of the women who cheat with them, but that is another issue altogether) and I don't know if that is a high or low estimate. But being in the public spotlight ought to make you less likely to cheat, because YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!

Too bad Mark my boy, you certainly screwed this one up because you did not have the intestinal fortitude to face up to what you thought you wanted which was at odds with what you had. You wanted it all, and now you have nothing. Greed for personal gratification. Times up pal, resign now and let the Lt Governor step in for the next 18 months.


  1. As a resident of SC I will respectfully disagree. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has been MIA since he was elected, and despite Sanford's misconduct we are likely better off keeping with him for the remainder of his term. Once again we find ourselves choosing the lesser of two evils in the world of politics, but remember that change is not always good, and I do not think that it would be good for SC right now. I guess it would be comparable to have asked Clinton to resign only to have to live with Gore for a period of time. At least we knew what we had with Clinton. Gore was too much of a wild card.

  2. I think that Patrick makes a good case. Sanford has proven himself to be morally bankrupt and that is an issue. If not black and white, his use of state funds in going to see his Mistress was certainly dark gray. If you do not want you Lt. Gov to learn on the job, then have a special election.

  3. Anon.
    In a black and white world I would agree that Sanford should go. He has proven himself morally bankrupt and that is an issue, at least to some of us. It obviously is not an issue to many others when you look at the rank and file of morally corrupt politicians currently residing on Capital Hill and in State Houses around the country. I am not educated on the requirements of a special election and the exact steps taken to replace a resigned governor, so I can not comment without talking out of my @$$. I only speak my opinion, but if the people of SC would have Bauer, then he should be the man. There were obviously a lot of people who would have had no problems with Gore as president, or Obama, and my opinion does not coincide with theirs, but here we are. I am having to adjust to not having it my way, but my opinion still stands. I appreciate your input.



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