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This is a long read, so stop now if you do not care to make a stand for liberty. In taking time to read other blogs and websites, both liberal and conservative (as well as the supposedly unbiased), I have found that there are ideals and beliefs held by each that are constant and unwavering, but polarizing opposites.

In principle, liberals believe that it is the responsibility of the government to guarantee fairness and equality to all citizens through government action and programs leading ultimately to government dependence. Liberals are also willing to strip the moral fabric away to avoid being politically incorrect or insensitive to the views of others who do not subscribe to the traditional moral and ethical beliefs that the majority subscribe to, an all inclusive society you may say. Examples abound. Marriage is one. When you allow nontraditional unions access to the institution of marriage, you strip marriage of what made it the very special institution that those nontraditional partners aspired to have. But dumbing down the institution strips it of the 'specialness' until it is no longer a big deal to be married. Affirmative action is another. What value can be derived from "success" based purely on government intervention and, ultimately, dependence? Welfare, food stamps, and others are further examples of the attempt to make life fair for all participants regardless of their, more often than not, own poor decisions and lack of goals or drive that got them where they are. And more government dependence to go along with it. We have even dumbed down the institution of being American to the point where it is not as revered in the world as it was just a short time ago. There are too many core beliefs to list. Books are available that illustrate the liberal agenda far better than I can. I definitely encourage people to understand what that agenda is and decide if you truly are a liberal minded person. IS Socialism a belief you embrace wholeheartedly?

In principle, conservatives believe that it is the responsibility of the individual to provide for themselves, that we are all created equal and have equal opportunity for success. That it is ultimately by our own decisions and effort that we succeed and reap the rewards, or fail and suffer the consequences. In failure we hopefully learn from our lessons and rise up again to accept the freedoms that our Father has bestowed upon us and try again. That government should merely protect our freedom and allow the individual to succeed, or fail, on their own. How many examples exist of success stories arising from humble and meager beginnings? How many examples of failure are there when an individual had all the trappings for success from the time of birth? Equal opportunity for success exist, some just don't like to accept that with it comes equal opportunity for failure. We believe in traditional values and morals. We believe in helping our lesser privileged neighbor, even when they're difficult circumstances are due to their own poor decisions. We believe that more often than not those who are left alone to prosper by their own hard efforts and good decisions will extend a helping hand to the community, both locally and broader. But we do not believe everyone should have equal rewards, only equal opportunity. Ultimately you reap what you sow. I am certain there are far fewer books on this subject, but I encourage everyone to read the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution to see if you believe in liberty.

Do not misconstrue my use of liberal and conservative to mean Democrat and Republican. I believe we will see a shift in that political landscape as politicians try to decide where it is safest to stand with respect to their constituents, not their party. Our career politicians have a lot at stake and they will practice self preservation. Not all Democrats will support a shift toward a socialistic agenda, just as some Republicans may. That is why it is so important for the majority opinion to be voiced. Both sides believe they are right, fine. But one side is more right than the other based on the populist opinion. And I believe that side, the majority, supports liberty. Do not allow a vocal minority to create a future of debt and government control for the majority who still hold the value of liberty above the so called safety net of big government.

The USA grew and prospered during its first 150 years to became a nation of great power, while the government grew very little. This was due to hard work ethics and an adherence to traditional values and beliefs. In our last 75 years we have witnessed a general decline in wealth, respect, and power as we have watched the government grow and our debt become enormous. We have also seen a decline in what society accepts as acceptable behavior. I am fully aware of the many dark chapters in our nations history, and that illustrates why there is a need for central government: to ensure equal opportunity by passage and enforcement of laws. But the government cannot intervene and establish social programs and dictate what is fair. Show me one example of government truly fixing a problem with a social program. Show me one program that the government has ever successfully implemented and run efficiently and within any reasonable budget. And even if you do, show me how it preserved freedom for any individual as opposed to fostering dependence on the central government to take care of you.

I challenge any liberal reading this to debate me as to whether they are truly willing to pay more taxes and further reduce their personal wealth to "ensure" all Americans have access to health insurance. Anyone who believes that the rich will foot the bill and the middle class (i.e. everyone who doesn't think they are rich or poor) will never feel the effects of taxation for the liberal cause is living in a world full of delusion. Eventually the "rich" will take their money, talents, businesses, and taxes elsewhere. You will never tax a country into prosperity, ever. Show me one example anywhere in the world anytime in the history of the world. Additionally, explain to me how your core beliefs preserve liberty and freedom in any way.

We, the founding fathers of this website agreed to stay away from Red Herring issues, but the more I read and hear, the less I think it matters. Left and right, liberal and conservative, will never meet in the middle. Some will be converted by the other side, but in the end the war will be won purely by strength in numbers, the voting population. These Red Herrings are usually tied to the heart of those unwavering ideals and principles. And they are not just about gay marriage, pro life/choice, and stem cell research. They tend to be more about pro government versus pro individual. As a believer in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, if I stay away from the Red Herrings, I am choosing to be apathetic and complacent which is why our country finds itself on the brink of socialism (or progressivism or whatever you try to label it). I find myself yielding. Thomas Jefferson stated that "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground."

And here we stand. The Impasse. Liberty facing Big Government. Freedom facing Dependence. Libertarian facing Socialist. We will respect you as a fellow human being, as a creature of God, deserving of love and compassion. And we will respect your freedom, freedom to have your liberal opinions. But we will not respect what you want to do to this great nation. We will not compromise freedom any longer. We will raise our voices the same as you and we will prove to the world that Americans believe in liberty. Government cannot, and never will be able to, give us liberty or freedom. They will only succeed in taking it away when they exceed the limits the original founding fathers tried to establish. They knew all to well what to expect. We must stand firm and take back our freedom. We will fall and we will get hurt. We will lose and we will suffer consequences. But eventually we will also prosper and succeed as a whole and return ourselves to a nation of reverence and respect.

If there ever was a time to stand up and be heard, it is now. SAVE AMERICA! TAKE BACK FREEDOM!


  1. Outstanding post, Mr. Adams! There is really nothing more to say, Bravo!



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