Friday, July 3, 2009

It's an American Thing, Stupid

The title of course is a play on the famous campaign slogan of Bill Clinton and James Carville, "It's the Economy Stupid". It was amazingly effective and delivered the White House to the Democrats for the first time in 12 years. It is time to move past the individual and driving force of how much money we have in our wallets. It is time to stop being consumed by one issue.

I believe though, that we as Americans are at a cross roads and that the lines delineated between us by the extremes on both sides will no longer be accepted. It is time for us to GROW UP and stop fighting about our labels.

It is time we recognize that our stated goals are much the same, though we differ in the manner and plan in which we want to achieve said goals. It is prudent to examine history and take a lesson from the success and the failures of the past, remember that "there is nothing new under the sun". Thus, the most alarming thing about what is going on in Washington is not the stated goals, but the manner in which we are pursuing them. The course of action we are taking in almost all areas has been proven ineffective, counterproductive, and dismal failures when tried in the past. Why then are we seeking to implement failed policies? I believe it is simply a matter of POWER. Stated goals and outcomes are not the real concern of the Washington bureaucrats, they want CONTROL. They want to decide what you do, how you do it, what you make, how you live, where you live, and they will not stop until they control and regulate every thing you do - see THEY know best. This taken to its logical conclusion is tyranny and the American Spirit will not abide the chains of slavery.

What do we need? We need Common Sense, we need Public Servants, we need the end of Politics and a return to the Principals of our Founding Fathers. Instead of Democrats and Republicans let us all become Constitutional Americans. These are the principals we can agree on:

Take care of the Helpless and stop funding and enabling the Clueless

Protect the Earth in a Common Sense manner

Peace through strength

Protect and close our borders - deport illegals

Educate our young people - train them in professions or send them to college

Any legislation, regulation or rule should have to pass Constitutional muster

Stop Judicial Activism

Stop wasteful spending

Remove and repeal rules and regulations that stifle business and job creation

Build safe and efficient nuclear power plants and allow access to the vast oil deposits in our country

Privatize government functions not authorized by the Constitution

Cut taxes

Balance the budget

Pay off our debt

Create a business environment that enables the American Spirit and Ingenuity to thrive - we have to start MAKING things.

Tell the rest of the world they will no longer have Military welfare - all of the countries in the world do not devote a huge percentage of their budget to defense, they rely on the USA to spend all the money and thus are on Military welfare - all nations must maintain adequate military defenses or start sending us money or forgiving debts owed them by our previous spending.

Term limit all government elected officials- this removes the permanent elite ruling class and motivates politicians to do the right thing for the country instead of the thing that gives them power.

These are American ideals and we need to stop fighting, stand together, and make the change. We must demand results from our legislators and other elected officials. We must no longer be disengaged from the public arena. We must stop with the prohibition to discuss religion and politics amongst ourselves. We must learn to engage one another with respect and intellect and common sense. We must stop tolerating lies, half truths, and spin from our partisans and elected leaders and demand honesty and candor. It is time for us all to stop being partisan and start being Americans. If we fail to do these things we will sink into the ranks of the once great Republics that could not hold on to the ideals that made them great to begin with.

I for one, choose to fight for the America I believe in. Will you?


  1. I'm with ya Dolly... point out who needs to be whacked.

    I'm starting to feel like we may have a viable link to history, in that, this must have been what it felt like to be a citizen of Rome... right at the start of the decline...

  2. Or a citizen of the original colinies right before the Declaration of Independence... resisting the rule of a tyrannical king.



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