Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jacko Day

Obama should make MJ's death a national holiday. He owes a lot to MJ for diverting the main stream media's attention away from a lot of pretty important things going on right now. Or is this a case of the media taking advantage of a situation to justify for themselves the turning of a blind eye and deaf ear to some of the negative feelings being directed at the administration? Either way, Obama once again is getting a pass in the main stream when he should be having to answer some serious questions. A THIRD Stimulus? Because they didn't realize how bad the economy really was? Because the SECOND Stimulus isn't working as well as the rosy picture they were painting only weeks ago? Even some Democrats are getting nervous about all of this spending. Imagine that, a Democrat getting nervous about the government spending money. To further support Ben's post about the 'Beginning', I think politicians are starting to recognize who their bosses are. I also think they may finally be listening to their constituents who are all saying enough is enough. I hope this will ultimately kill the Cap and Trade Tax hike and curtail health care talks to the point that they get shelved once again. To paraphrase the Declaration of Independence, when the government fails to work for the people, it is up to the people to throw out the government and install a new government that does work for the people. Keep up the good fight and don't be afraid to throw out the governors that are allowing our system to fail the people. Don't be afraid to stand on your own and be independent. Don't be afraid to struggle and succeed without the government taking care of everything for you. Give us liberty or give us death, for without liberty we are only existing, not living.

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