Monday, July 13, 2009

Rocket Science?

I think some libs do know what they have done, but they are reluctant to admit it because they want to avoid admitting error in supporting King Barack. They were fooled by "hope and change." Others (the folks of envy and class warfare etc.) love what is happening. The funny thing is the wealthy/really wealthy whom the left despises most are pretty much insulated from this nonsense because of their wealth, power, and influence. So, once again the lib approach only hurts the folks they say they want to help most, the middle class and the poor. Then again, do the libs in power REALLY want to help the poor and middle class? I think if one were to analyze the stimulus bunk for 5 minutes with a modicum of intellectual integrity, that question is easily answered. If you took one tenth of the stimulus money and pushed it back to "we the people" (it is our money), then how much could the economy have been stimulated almost immediately? This is not rocket science...

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