Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spaghetti Mess

If you have not seen the health care flow chart that has come out as a result of the plan submitted by the Democrats, you may want to take a look. While this doesn't surprise me, it is a perfect example of why the government can't run anything efficiently and has bankrupted Social Security (although the SSA still has enough money to drop $750,000 large on a retreat to a fancy 4 star hotel in AZ), Medicare, and ruined attempts to run numerous other social programs.

I submit my plan. Give me my share of the money in the form of a tax cut. Let me choose whether or not to be responsible and carry the insurance of my choosing, or be irresponsible, take my chances, and bankrupt my family if a catastrophic event happens. I send my money to the insurance company. I go to the doctor of choice when I need to see one. The doctor's office files a claim with my insurance provider, they send a check, I cover the difference, and it is done. Much simpler than what we see in front of us with the Democrats plan.

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  1. One additional note, please understand that after five years the federal government is passing this bag of crap off to the states to figure out how to fund. How many states will follow California into bankruptcy after that dirty little deal goes down?



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