Friday, July 10, 2009

This Just in - The Real Cause of Global Warming!

The Sun.

The entire documentary is perhaps the best scientific answer and explanation to the Global Warming hysteria.


  1. Yup... been saying this for years.

  2. I thought they were going to say it was from all of Al Gore's hot air he has been putting off! Chicago had a record low last week on July 8, 65 degrees, coolest day in 118 years. Also 12 days since June 1 that they have failed to reach 70. The first time in 40 years. I even debated putting on a long sleeve shirt the other evening when I was outside grilling. Very unusual for July. Maybe we will start to see the predicted inevitable cooling trend the opponents of global warming have been saying would happen before the liberals send us off the deep end with Gore. The reality is all they see is an opportunity to further expand government and leavy more taxes on businesses.



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