Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unemployment - 20%

New unemployment data shows how the true unemployment rate may be significantly higher than what is being reported, possibly as high as 20%. It would appear that administrations, past and present, have manipulated the way the unemployment rate is calculated making direct correlations from past to present difficult. I have always questioned how the unemployment numbers factored in all the different unemployment scenarios, including those capable working but not wanting to be employed to those no longer actively looking due to a loss of hope. 1 in 5 is a big number and is a little closer to what I am personally experiencing than 1 in 10.


  1. Let's not forget the under-employed; those who had to take jobs at Wal-Mart cause they couldn't find anything else.

  2. or the folks on straight commission that haven't seen a dime in payment because no body is buying, the business sold has been postponed due to the economy, or the A/R has not been paid and maybe never will be. What about the store owners that open everyday and do $1.95 in sales...

  3. Or the hookers. Everyone is doing their wives instead, to save money.



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