Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Liberal Rantings or More Tactics?

"A lie told often enough becomes truth" Vladimir Lenin

William James - father of modern Psychology "There's nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it."

This is a tactic used with great effectiveness on both sides, but perhaps with even greater cunning on the left than the right. I say this not as a partisan but because I firmly believe the Left does not hold itself accountable to any standard other than their own. Whilst the Right, must answer to the Christians and if they are Christians themselves, well then they have to answer to the Lord. Make no mistake, all will one day "give an account of their actions and deed", but the ultimate and just judgment of the Lord is not the subject of this article (though I must confess to a certain peace and comfort that comes with recalling WHO is actually in charge).

Now, I may have misspoke, because it seems the Liberals do hold themselves to a certain standard, that laid out by Saul Alinsky, (if you are unfamiliar with this book dedicated to Satan and studied as gospel by Obama, see my numerous blogs on the suject). Saul Alinsky advised "make the other side live up to their own standards"- thus, the liberals can repeat a lie in a Talking Points that permeates the media and after hammering it in day after day, year after year, it becomes "truth".

Mark my words - Socialism will be tied as a code word for racism. I have heard it numerous times in the last few days, liberals espousing the view that those calling Obama and his plans socialism are actually really wanting to call him a N#*%$#@. Normal thinking Americans always reject the lie upon first hearing, but repeated enough times.....

The protesters are "mobs" of uninformed red neck racists. The protesters are not real Americans. The DNC machine is spouting these lies on an hourly basis and they will get away with much of it, too - unless the media begins doing its job. There are some stirrings of this in the market, perhaps the Fat Lady will not quite get to sing yet.

So I did a social experiment today, I must confess I reminded myself of a little child being forced to choke down something truly unappealing, but my fortitude was strong and I listened to some liberal talk radio and even read a few articles on ABC news and It was truly amazing, okay I admit it the ABC article was a link on Drudge and the was a Facebook post by a conservative friend, the articles were actually encouraging because even the liberal media is starting to call the health care and domestic debacle as they see it. The talk radio was strictly my own doing and it was torturous.

The mocking of the people who hold views other than the ultra liberal was amazing. The host so deluded she said that people are upset about the health care plan because for the last 8 years the GWB administration scared the American people so bad they no longer trust the government. I swear, I am not making it up. This being said of a nation that was founded in rebellion to a tyranical government and king. George Washington said government is not benevolence, government is force and the Founders knew that when they constructed our forms of government. Ronald Reagan said the scariest words you could ever hear are, "I am from the government and I am here to help."

So no matter how many times they repeat the lie, it is still a lie. Remember that America.

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  1. Dolley, I try to get my fill of leftist, liberal views daily. The DailyKos and MoveOn are probably the hardest to swallow on a regular basis. There are some really extreme ones I come accross from time to time. The Huffington Post surprises me at times with a centrist opinion. Google daily events and you will come to recognize some of the sites as right, left, conservative, liberal. One of the oldest rules of warfare is to know your enemy, and keep your friends close but your enemies closer. You'll get a thick skin eventually.



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