Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nobody is Safe from the Left

Whole Foods appears to be a pretty dang good example of a company who tries best to do right by it's employees, local charities, and local industries (farmers/growers), and has a CEO who has acknowledged that he has enough money and chose to stop taking a salary and donate his earnings to good causes. Now, because he exercised a right to free speech and expressed his opinions on health care, following it up with his own suggestions, he is being eaten alive by his own people, so to speak. Some left leaning people apparently think their boycott idea will actually help the health care reform issue. Read the hyperlink closely and read the replies. The hatred of capitalism is all over it. We must take it to the corporate fat cats. In addition to a boycott, they are even advocating a "sell stock plan" to further hurt the company. While they do admit this may hurt the employees, they only concede that that could be cause for a time limited action. It's okay if we hurt them a little, they'll certainly understand having to suffer some for the cause. At the very least, the (proposal of a) boycott may actually be serving its intended purpose of hurting Whole Foods. At least hurting their brand perception if not sales. Now, throw in some labor union support (you can't leave them out of this opportunity) to really get the pot heated and stirred. Surely those unfortunate, uninformed Whole Foods employees would want a union if they really knew all the facts. Again, read the hyperlink and the replies. So much hatred. Talk about angry. And get all these people together in one place and it would surely be a mob. I tell you, I am beginning to believe that there is no friendship among these type of left leaning nuts. Each and every one of them would sell anyone they know (even their mother or father) down the river if they could better their cause or, even worse, if they ever disagree with them. Obama says that we are to be our brothers keeper. This kind of action and hatred can only be described with one word, SHAMEFUL.

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