Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncle Sam's Plantation

Written by Star Parker, syndicated columnist. A good perspective on our slide into socialism through welfare programs.

Back on Uncle Sam's Plantation

The most difficult task we will face as a nation regaining our freedoms will be getting people who have, for generations now, become so dependant on the government to let go of the government teat and embrace the capitalist way. It will take some inner strength to go out on a limb that liberals constantly tell them is shaky and weak because of self absorbed, money hungry capitalist who just want to use people for their own gain and then spit them out broken and used up. Class warfare is a powerful tool and should be combated. I still struggle to understand the logic behind demonizing capitalist as they are the money generators in the world. Without them there would be nothing to tax for the secular progressives to use to take care of all the underprivileged people that are being taken advantage of by the money hungry capitalist. I digress. I always do when I talk about such things.

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