Saturday, August 29, 2009

Would we label George Washington?

To be sure, some folks are probably getting tired of my "conservative" posts and emails. In terms of current political events, I do not even know if I am comfortable with the "conservative" word. I am certainly proud to be called that. However, it is not about what jersey you wear, political party, popularity, polls, race, certain hot button issues, or liberal vs. conservative etc.

It seems to me that it is about the state of our republic. What about the constitution? Our great nation exists and functions based on law (documents) such as The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. We are not a Democracy (majority rule), or some other form of government. If logically stating fact labels me as some "right wing conservative", then I will live with it.

My sincere prayer is that our republic lives on as intended by the founders, the framers, and the law for which they sacrificed so much.

-- Robert Morrison

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  1. An interesting discussion of our founding father's "party affiliations".



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