Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Audacity of Logic - Obama Declares War on China

With Chinese tires, it's buyer beware. An interesting article to follow up Dolley's post. With nearly twenty years of manufacturing experience, most of which involves experience with joint ventures in China and imported content from Chinese manufacturers in an effort to reduce cost, I can attest to the fact that you do need to do your research and be careful. I have seen everything from excellent qulity to extremely poor quality coming from China, as well as other lower cost manufacturing countries. I have also seen first hand the detrimental effects unions can have on American efficiency and quality. In our modern age of the internet, you should do your research before making any purchase, no matter the country of origin. You never know where the parts that make up the whole came from. Made in the USA doesn't necessarily mean 100% made in the USA.


  1. This is such a sticky web. The fact is that the Chinese own us and have played us for the fool in all of this. Many years ago American business decided to invest in building the infrastructure of China to allow them access to the abundant, cheap, and hard working labor that existed in China. So we invested Billions of dollars in building up the COMMUNIST Chinese economy. In return, China bought up our government debt. This is a simplistic view, but essentially correct. American business gave the Chinese government the money to buy the debt of the US government.

    While we continue to fund factories and industrial activities to buy goods made in China, China is investing significant money in to the economies of several central and south American countries. They are building relationships just to our south, but I doubt they have any thoughts about wanting a foot hold should they ever deem it needed to make any kind of physical move against the USA. If we had used the investment in time and money to build up Mexico, and the other poor Latin American economies, instead of China, perhaps we would not have the illegal immigration problem going on that we now do. This is all woven together and it will be a mess for us to tear it apart.

    We are now so intricately woven together with China that would be hard pressed to extricate ourselves from the relationship. Kind of like a bad marriage where there is no easy way to tell what stuff belongs to who and the partner that came into it with the most stuff knows that they are going loose half their stuff to get out. Of course a good, divorced, friend once asked me if I knew why divorce was so expensive, the answer? Because it is worth it.

    Maybe we should just pay more attention to projecting the cascade effects of the policies we put in place and the actions we take. You know like what is going to happen to our health care if we hand it over to DC to run it? And other silly little things like that...

  2. The American people and culture is what it is. When I go to buy new tires, or a new suit or shoes or anything else I have two things in mind; 1) the minimum quality I am willing to accept 2) the maximum price I am willing to pay.

    I believe this is a pretty universal truth for many Americans. I rarely look at a label for country of origin markings in helping me decide which item to buy. I purchase the best quality I can for the maximum price I have established. Only if it comes down to multiple items available that meet my criteria do I turn to country of origin as a decision making factor.

    The only time I do not follow this rule of thumb is in buying cars. I have made a strong practice of buying American cars over the years, but frankly speaking, I have been burnt by more than one "lemon" over time and the only cars where I had zero quality issues were 1) Nissan, 2) Honda and good old 3)Ford.

    Due to the recent Union ownership given to GM and Chrysler, Ford is the only USA option I will consider in the future. But, we should try to support Ford as they are the only US Car Maker to have their Craniums extricated from there rectums in all of this.

  3. Being in the auto industry when Mexico was the greatest place to outsource, what basically happened there that has not happened in China is the trickle down effect. As their economy grew, their infrastructure grew and their standard of living grew, and eventually the cost of doing business grew. I agree we would be better off today logistically and politically if we had stayed with "the Mexican plan", for lack of better words, but China's communist regime has allowed them to manipulate the situation such that the balance stays in their favor. In order to break the web, or finalize the divorce, in the most beneficial manner to the USA, it will probably require a conscious decision by a vast percentage of Americans to base decisions on country of origin. However, since we are quickly becoming a consumer nation, and with our current economic difficulties so many people are facing, it will be difficult for people to do that should they even care to do that. It is indeed a tangled web that we have woven. Between China and the USA, we basically have each other by the balls, China just has a better grip.



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