Monday, September 21, 2009

Calling Them Out - Jack Murtha

Let's Call them out, shall we?  Today, Audacity of Logic, is calling out Jack Murtha and the 52 other Senators who voted against cutting funding for his private airport.  It is truly an amazing time of political arrogance and elitism in the United States Congress, when we can't get our duly elected representatives to stop wasting our money on their perks.  The continued funding of Jack Murtha's airport for No One is a disgrace.  Kudos to Jim DeMint for trying to do something about it.  Shame on you, Senators, for voting to continue this disgusting pork barrel project.

And we wonder why there is a deficit.


  1. Dolley, I hope you and George plan to write Kay Hagan to voice your disapproval and demand an explanation for why she would vote no. Fortunately, on this one at least, I don't need to write any letters. This may be THE text book example of what is wrong with our government.

  2. Did you see the amount also spent for the Greenbriar airport? good grief.



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