Monday, September 21, 2009

Did you ever wonder...

...why the President had a media blitz this Sunday and appeared on every major news outlet (and one that doesn’t even come close), but didn’t invite, and in fact boycotted, the news outlet (FOX) who has the majority of viewers, including almost a quarter of the Independents in this country, who will certainly end up deciding the 2012 presidential election, much like they did this last time around?


  1. Shut up, Ben, we won and let us get on with the people's business. You angry, racist! Oh, we just want your money - get back to work. No more blogging, the rhetoric has turned (sniff, sniff) so scary. You aren't supposed to notice, guess we will have to raise your taxes so you have to take a second job, that will shut you up! Hey, how about we raise your taxes so much you can't afford cable and then NO Fox News, Brilliant!

  2. Wouldn't work. I have a direct feed to Bill O'Reilly. Who do you think writes his copy?

  3. So you're the guy that comes up with those "words of the day", some of which I have noticed being used by our own Dolley.

  4. Yes, I'm quite verbose and highly pedantic. Dolly is also. She did actually beat me in a game of Scrabble, but only because, not having played before, she miserly farmed out the rules, one at a time, and only after I suffered a disadvantage not knowing them. ("Oh, didn't I mention you can't do that?")



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