Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did you ever wonder...

...why President Obama doesn't seem to have time to talk to his Commanding General in the field in Afghanistan about the war, doesn't think the ACORN problem is important enough to find out how much taxpayer money has been funneled to them, hasn't yet come out with a clear plan of action on dealing with Iran becoming a nuclear power, totally ignores the pleas of farmers in the San Joaquin Valley In California, where they have a federally mandated water restriction, to help save a tiny fish, while farms go belly up and the region experiences +40% unemployment, but can somehow find the time to make an emergency trip to Copenhagen to lobby for the city of Chicago to secure the 2016 Summer Olympics?


  1. He just hopes those issues will go away, and besides what could be more important than a boondoggle trip to Denmark?

  2. Follow the money!! Political payback.



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