Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dolley, I agree wholeheartedly...

and would like to add something. Here's the set up. I heard a band of Sunday Morning news show hosts (wish I could remember the network) going on about the lack of respect for the president and when did America become this country that couldn't show the office of the president the respect in deserved?

No. 1, nobody deserves respect just because of any title, you earn respect. We all deserve decent and respectful treatment, including the senators and representatives doing their duty to their constituents by going to town hall meetings. However, respect itself is a different thing. Respect is a two way street. The president works for us and I think would have much more of the people's respect if he showed like respect to the people. Many would argue that calling him narcissistic is slanderous, but regardless of the label, we have not in my years seen a president so compelled to be seen and heard. He does not recognize the opposition as having valid concerns on any issue. He just presses on forward trying to make the opposition seem uninformed, uneducated, or uncaring. He has no respect for the opposition. And right now, the opposition is in the majority. So, he is going to have an incredibly hard time getting some respect.

No. 2, when did it begin? George W. Bush! Bill Clinton! These guys were skewered on a regular basis. And by whom? The media! But now their darling is not "getting the respect he deserves as President of the USA" and they find it shameful. You get what you give, and I am sorry, but Obama ain't giving. At least not to me when I write him expressing my concerns about specific agenda items. I get a BS response that is a patent form letter talking about health care. I didn't even have a concern about health care expressed in my correspondence. Does he think that is all anyone could be writing him about?

And here's my take. Reagan and Bush (the first) are the most recent presidents to address students and the left/liberal ranks agrue that there lies the double standard. So hear me out. The low approval ratings and the lack of mutual respect, coupled with a politically charged environment unlike any we have seen in years, makes me have trust issues. I will be honest, I do not trust Obama, or any political official right now, to keep a message to my children neutral. I do not trust Obama, or any political official right now, to not politicize the moment. And the fact that their first lesson plan was quickly retracted, and the opposition to releasing a transcript of the speech just adds to the trust issue. Letting Obama do this without any screening has more risk than reward. If he says something that I would rather he not have said in front of my children, well the horse is already out of the pasture. I personally do not trust President Obama. I think he will say and do whatever he feels justifies the ends. He knows what he wants and expects to get it. His tenacity isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you want my respect, show me a little respect.

My children are A students and consistently rank at the top of their classes. They know the importance of their education. I have done my job as a parent in this regard and it shows. Maybe Obama needs to focus on the parents. In fact, I think he did say something in a campaign speech. Maybe he is finding out adults are not as impressionable as their children.

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