Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Green Movement - The Marriage of Envirnomentalist and Anarchist

I often try to temper my commentary, in the hopes that I can show the misguided the error of their ways in a civil and logical fashion, but I have determined that it is more important to speak the truth about this issue than it is to influence people. Honestly, the title of this post will cause most, if not all, devotees to reject what is written therein as propaganda and conservative rantings. So I will put forth the unvarnished story as I have uncovered it and allow that I will not sway the minds of the hard core zealot, but perhaps will open the eyes of everyday Mr and Mrs. Joe and Jane Brown.

The Green Movement; are these well meaning folks, concerned with the Earth and the environment or are they something more sinister? Would you believe me if I told you both? A year ago, I would have scoffed at such a conspiratorial supposition. "Tree Huggers" are a bit misguided, but dangerous? The hippies of the 60's are now running the show and if you recall there were two types - the ones that promoted peace, love, and lots of drugs and the ones that blew stuff up, killed people, and robbed banks. Well, they found each other in the hippie retirement home and got married. They now go by the name Mr. and Mrs. Green.

To fully understand, you have to start at the beginning. This story begins in a garden. A place of perfection and an Environmentalist wildest dream. You see, love of the Earth and protection of the environment is nothing new. Human kind was created in part to be the caretaker of this planet, this was instilled in us by God in the Garden of Eden; it is hard coded into our DNA. He also instilled within us a desire to commune with Him, to walk with Him in the cool of the day. Some invite and allow God to occupy that space inside of them, others do not. Those that reject Him are consequently left with an unfulfillable void, a God Spot so to speak. People can not tolerate the emptiness in their spirit and will search to find something to fill it. Some choose drugs, some alcohol, some choose Mother Earth, the environment, and holistic health and diet.

They embrace the love of Earth because it corresponds so closely in their hearts to a life giving and loving God. But this god is not the life giving and loving god they are searching for, this god is is false. Followers think they set the rules, when in fact they are commanded to take care of her, this god needs them to DO things for her. This god demands that her devotees make disciples of all men, otherwise, she will die and it will be your fault. Earth does not tolerate dissent or facts that contradict well established doctrines of worship. This god perpetuates crisis to keep her followers in a state of panic and turmoil. What started out as such a beautiful and peaceful way of life begins to consume the disciple, it is no longer comforting to meditate on the beauty of a tree because the capitalist pigs are destroying the air, the soil, and the water and that tree is going to die - unless YOU do something about it.

Enter in the origin of the second member of Mr. and Mrs. Green - you remember, the blow your shit up partner? Well, he's cleaned up his act since the 60's, he learned from the Master Saul Alinsky, and now he wears a suit and a tie. This is the guy in the Garden that whispered into Eve's ear, that God was really not a benevolent Father - God was the oppressor, He's just trying to keep you down! What's He going to do anyway, you need to take some of that power He's been hoarding for Himself. Go ahead, get you some. Yeah, I know He said it was against the law, but who is He anyway? Who says you have to listen to Him? Besides, everybody is always telling you what to do around here, isn't it time you stood up for yourself? After you take this, life will be so much better - you will be like God, knowing, seeing, and being! So out of the perfection of Eden, the Anarchist is born.

Throughout history the Anarchist seeks to destroy and overthrow, with temporal and mild success. The Earth continues with an outward sign of peace and love, but is on many levels becoming angry at the lack of real progress. And one day it happens, Anarchist is walking by and sees the Earth and instead of scoffing and ignoring each other, as they have been for millennium, they wearily fall onto the park bench and heave a sigh of frustration.

The year is 1990, and both are looking a lot worse for the wear. Anarchist has just lost his temporary glory with the fall of Communism and now has no where else to go. The Environmentalist is frustrated because all of the things she has been fighting for are being put into place and she doesn't feel needed anymore. So in mutual misery they sit, each feeding off the others misfortunes and runs of bad luck. Before long, though, they begin to look at each other in a different light. The Environmentalist gazes upon the strength and fire and anger of the Anarchist, this is what she has been missing. Anarchist looks upon the Environmentalist and at last grasps the idea that people in large part are not drawn toward him, but wow, look at her. She's stunning and as a team, they are perfect together.

The soft spoken Earth Lover orders water shut of to the Farmers in the San Joachim Valley to protect the precious delta smelt, while Anarchist stirs up hatred among the poor and displaced farm workers. They wouldn't be in that position if the Capitalist oppressors would just let the water go. The poor people in central California are being beaten with both sides of the same stick and don't even know it.

The lumberjacks in Washington and Oregon are accused by the Earth Child of killing the spotted owl, the Anarchist chains himself to a tree. Together, they destroy the most prosperous and prolific timber industry in the world and they are ready to take on more.

They find the perfect vehicle, a former Vice President. His back ground and education do not make his a traditional figure head, but he is embittered and he is ambitious. He has one thing Mr. and Mrs. Green don't have - International clout. They strike up an alliance. The learn from each other. They put a fresh coat of paint on the movement and reemerge.

Do not loose sight of who is behind this movement! Anarchist is intent on the complete and total destruction of all civil society. Earth embraces dedevelopment and communism, Earth demands of her subjects slavery.

Even more frightening, is Mr. and Mrs. Green have moved into the White House with Mr. and Mrs. Obama. What a fine time they are having, staying up late, plotting the next move described as a green job, Earth has learned her craft well and Anarchist has polished his image so much, you might even invite him to dinner. It looks as if the White House has.

As such, the motivations of all that comes from this movement are foul for a bad tree can not bear good fruit. The radical environmental policies of these groups must be resisted. To not, is to endanger the Republic and the future of this country.

God Bless us and guide us in this treacherous time.

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