Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Address to Schools

If they would have published the transcript last week, maybe more schools would have let their students participate. I could be an a**hole Republican like Van Jones says they are and try to nitpick the speech, and I have not seen the video of it, but if it went word for word from the transcript, there are a lot of students out there that may be able to benefit from it. Having worked with youth, I know the value and importance of having someone not only believe in you, but also believe that you can do better, and expect you to do better. I have seen the positive effects of them having a positive influence in their life. And Obama, like him or not, has the ability to be a positive influence in a struggling child's life. Too bad the White House could not have been transparent on this one all the way from the beginning.


  1. I think perhaps the original speech was not what was published since the hastily retracted lesson plan was about how students could help the President. I also believe that the rewrite was precipitated by the huge outcry and that the final product was far different from the intended message.

  2. That's why I said a little transparency would have gone a long way. But we never see the oft spoke about transparency do we. Likely for the reasons you presume.



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