Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama's Opinion Sparks a Debate

And it isn't on health care. It isn't on Cap and Trade, global warming, unions, Iran, Iraq, the CIA, or any of the really important issues our country is facing right now. How about the Patriot Act (I had to throw that one in, I imagine some heads exploded over this news considering all the crap Bush got over it). No. The debate has been sparked by the mainstream media over Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. First of all, he is. Secondly, thank God no one can play the race card on this one. Obama on Kanye, black on black. Listen, we do need to get past the name calling every time we disagree with, or criticize, a person of a different color. It is not always racism. Even if it is the president, Mr. Carter.
Look, Obama is all about family and personal responsibility and I honestly appreciate and like that about him. Regardless of my political differences with him, I think he and I probably share a lot of personal and family convictions and views. Kanye apparently needs some parenting right now. He missed out of some of the lessons I am certain his mother tried to teach him while she was alive. And who better to give it to him than our president. If my son brought disgrace to my family name in a national arena and I was not still here on this earth to call him a jackass myself (while trying to plant foot-in-ass), I would love to think that the president may step in on my behalf. Thank you, Mr. President, for saying what everyone else was thinking. And do not be ashamed for the choice of words. They were absolutely appropriate.
That being said, my biggest problem with this is the mainstream media. We have a lot of big issues going on that they are complicit in ignoring. ACORN is imploding with a lot of help from an independent sting operation. Call it what you want, legal or illegal, the horse is out of the barn now and it's too late to close the gate. The US Census Bureau drops ACORN after the first of the tapes were made public, and then the Senate votes 83-7 to strip ACORN of a large sum of its government funding after more tapes are released. I am not sure why, at this point, 7 senators still considered funding ACORN an option, but I am sure we will hear more about that. Please refer to my earlier post about cleaning up our Congress. This may prove to be a good example of the lack of morals and ethics I was discussing. The WSJ puts it well, "ACORN Runs Off The Rails". And the mainstream media is largely out to lunch on this one.
Charlie Gibson, Chief Anchor for ABC, says he hasn't even heard about it. It's been 5 days since this story broke. No wonder there has been a buzz about him "retiring". Apparently, he already has to some degree. ABC has to be hugely embarrassed. Even if they choose not to cover the story, you have to at least acknowledge the existence of the story. At least do like NBC and talk down your nose and try to belittle the ones who are choosing to cover it.
Dolley was right about the death of the mainstream media. They are going to hold onto that joystick until the tail spinning, fire breathing plane crashes and burns. Let's be honest though. Some will survive. Despite what they may be saying out of one side of their mouth, they are still capitalist operations. Even Michael Moore is a capitalist. Don't tell me he isn't in it for the money. "Survival of the fittest" mentality will kick in with some and they will adapt and overcome. I sometimes think I am even seeing a flicker of light in a lot of the mainstream print media. But the mainstream TV media is still up in the air. The only one I feel pretty sure about is NBC (and its affiliates). They will go as Obama goes, so they better hope he goes far, and not away. Someone tied both of their hands to the joystick and took the last parachute on their way out the door.

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