Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Political Might of the Tea Partiers

"Even Elmo can vote yes to something he doesn't have to read!"  I loved that sign.  Americans of ages, races, creeds, parties, and economic circumstance - off their couch, out of their mini-van, from behind their desk, and off the tractor are exerting a political might not seen before from a right leaning movement.  Protesters, in my lifetime, are always left leaning.  They are usually fringe groups and have displayed their propensity for violence often, while the Tea Parties have been peaceful.  That is except for the Tea Partier that was brutally beaten by SEIU thugs, or the psycho who bit his own thumb off at a pro Obama care ralley - but I guess they were opposition and shouldn't be called Tea Partiers. 

I saw a Youtube video last night of an interview with a prominent Republican fundraiser.  He was at a Tea Party on 9/12 and was amazed at the thousands of folks that had come to the local rally.  While at this point the Tea Party is not a viable 3rd party, this was the first person I had heard discussing the possibility.  I believe though, that the Tea Party is a movement and that candidates will emerge from it and be supported by a well informed Tea Party electorate.  We have seen this in my town, where a recent Republican Primary gave victory to two young Tea Party organizers.  The local media and newspaper were absolutely shocked.

Thus, the Tea Partiers will flex their political muscle and inform their members on positions, ethics, and responsiveness of candidates.  Look out elite politicians and media - the American People have awakened and we are coming to get you.

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  1. Until there is a viable 3rd party in this country that can stand toe to toe with the Democrats and Republicans we will have what we have. I tell my son "when you continue to do the same thing you have always done, you will continue to get the same results." So if you are not suceeding, change it up. That is what our system needs. Let's change it up. Thanks for your contribution and efforts to that end.



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