Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silence - How the Main Stream Media are Failing the Country and Themselves

Listen closely - do you hear the crickets chirping?  Yes, that is the main stream media's coverage on such pivotal and critical topics such as Van Jones, NEA resignation, Acorn and to a large extent the Tea Party protests across the country yesterday.  Why?  Why does the main stream media ignore or bury these stories?  To the detriment of their circulation, ratings, and thus their bottom lines they are marching along to the beat of the politico and headed straight for the cliff of obscurity and financial ruin.

The main stream media did not properly vet candidate Obama.  There is absolutely no way even liberals can deny that had Obama been a conservative his radical past and associates would have been exposed.  The main stream media is not researching and vetting the bills before Congress and the bills passed by Congress.  The stimulus package is so riddled with corruption and waste every politician who had a hand in it should hang their head in shame.

The corrupt and criminal behavior of members of Congress and their associates is allowed to continue with average Americans knowing little about the criminal investigations into among a few Rangel and Conyers.  That Barney Frank was associated with a male prostitute ring is largely ignored and the vitriolic hatred and despot behavior of this powerful Congressman is left unchallenged.  The Pelosi earmarks for a mouse and for tax breaks for American Samoa (where her husband has major financial interests), calling the CIA liars, and the hypocrisy of her comments and statements about protesters is astonishing.  Diane Feinstein's corrupt maneuverings on behalf of her husband's interests with the FDIC have gone completely unreported.

I will leave the double standard out of it because honestly, it is more important for the main stream media to begin doing their jobs than it is to blame them for what they have not done in the past.  A free and fair press was one of the checks and balances that the Founding Fathers believed in.  A break down of this component of our Republic is detrimental to the press from an economic stand point but more importantly from the free functioning of our Country.

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  1. I think it was summed up fairly well by a recent commentary. There was a time when the NYTimes and other powerful media outlets determined what the news was, and ignored anything they were choosing not to cover basically relegating it to the circular file. The internet, blogosphere, FOXNews, and some other media outlets have all changed that, but the mainstream media (MSM) still believes it has the power to define what is news. The US Census Bureau drops ACORN for the 2010 census. That is pretty big news to some, but obviously not to all. The MSM appearrs to be silent on that as well. You are right, and that chirping may turn to music... when the fat lady sings.



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