Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Done...

When I was a young boy, my best friend and I were really into World War II and its history. We played army with our wooden guns, military board games, watched movies, built model airplanes and tanks, anything we could get our hands on. But the best game we ever played was to count out 50 plastic army men from the German bag and the US bag and set up battle lines in the sand box. We would position them very strategically for the ensuing battle. Then armed with BB guns, we would stand behind our respective forces and take turns shooting each others men. The first one to shoot all 50 of the enemy force won.

I had a bag full of US infantry men, my best friend had all the German infantry men. He was a good sport about being German most of the time, but no body wanted to be German all the time. Nothing against Germans, but you have to put this in the context of WWII. But as best friends, we always compromised. There was no middle ground on this issue. It was all give or take. You couldn't be 1/2 German and 1/2 US. You couldn't switch sides at half time. It was German against US, you against me, and sometimes me against you. And we still were able to compromise. And so we spent many a day in our childhood years recreating epic battles between the forces of good and evil.

And some things never change, except the BFF part, and the compromise, and the tolerance, and the civility, and the respect, and all the other things that made it work.

Health Care 2009. Or Cap and Trade, or any other label that they have tagged on anything going on in DC. I feel like I am 12 again. You can be German or US. There isn't any middle ground. It is me against you one way or the other. If you are German, I am the US or vice versa. Basically just replace German/US with Republican/Democrat. Don't make too much of the order, in this game they are all the same. Sworn enemies of each other. There is no middle ground. To the Democrats, the Republicans are the Germans and vice versa. Democrats claim to want to seek a bipartisan bill with health care. What they really mean is they want the Republicans to agree with them and give them what they want. The Republicans have made their proposals, contrary to all the Democratic and Liberal blogging and reporting, and that is what they plan to support. And Republican and Right Wing blogs and reporting are just as guilty as Democratic/Liberal blogs and reporting of creating a division as strong as that between the Allies and the Axis. They all believe there own bull shit. The other side is evil for doing this and that, but it is okay when we do it. Can these people really be so hypocritical?

What ever happened to tolerance? Joshua Liebman defined tolerance as the "positive and cordial effort to understand another's beliefs, practices, and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them". Whatever happened to civility? Whatever happened to respect? Without these, there can be no compromise. But these far left/right 20% of the population don't want compromise. It is my way or the highway for them. And I think they define the party more than the members of the party define the party. Not all Democrats are bad, and not all Republicans are bad. Yes, every population will have the 20% fringe group, but the remaining 80% is generally good. And I believe that rule applies to America as well. I honestly believe that 80% of the population want Health Care reform that is somewhere in the middle of what is being fought over, but who is listening to what we the people want? Unfortunately, I think the 80/20 rule applies to Washington, DC conversely. I think they are 80% fringe/20% good. Are 80% of them listening? Not the Democrats, and likely not the Republicans. We just don't know as much about their position because the Democrats and much of the media don't pass it on since they are being made out to be obstructionist. Either way, in their infinite wisdom, they know what is best for us.

I am mostly conservative, while leaning moderate about some issues. Call me a Republican if you will, just be sure to leave your full name and address so I can come visit you to discuss this matter further if I am ever in your neighborhood. Maybe with a show of tolerance, civility, and respect we could find some common ground and try to tear down some walls that are the true obstructions.

But that is why I say stick a fork in me. I am done.
I am done with party affiliations.
I am done with the status quo. Washington, DC is status quo, period. Both Dems and Reps.
I am done with incumbents who do not defend the Constitution.
I am done with Democrats and Republicans.
I am done with lobbyist.
I am done with pork barrel and ear marks.
I am done with career politicians.
I am done with the elitist, our new found DC royalty (We fought against that a long time ago).
I am done with left wing nuts and right wing nuts.
I am done with the main stream media.
I am done with politicians who refuse to stop spending until we achieve a balanced budget.
I am done with "party rhetoric", get over it.
I am done with cry babies who take their ball and go home when they don't get their way.
I am done with believing that the government can do anything efficiently, without waste.
I am done with believing "bigger government" politicians really want what is best for me.
I am done with so much you'd be done with me if I listed it all here.
I am ALMOST done with believing that tolerance, civility, and respect will ever return to this country when and where it is needed to unite Americans during these important times so that we can make decisions that preserve our Constitution, preserve our freedoms, and preserve our republic. The way we are acting now, on both sides, it looks like Saul Alinsky will win.

God Bless the United States of America.

JB for JA

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