Thursday, September 24, 2009

Transparency - Part II

I should have included this earlier, but it can stand on its own. There is one thing that is absolutely transparent in Washington: Nancy Pelosi. She makes no bones about it. She is far left, very liberal, and makes no plans to budge to meet anywhere in the middle. This may be the only positive thing I have ever said about her, but with Nancy Pelosi, you always know what your going to get. She is going to get her government option and taxes for the rich no matter what. If Washington, DC could burn down around her as a result of her actions, it wouldn't stop her. It is hell or high waters.

It has been said that once DC starts a program, it never goes away. It just grows and grows. And for that reason, Obama and many left to moderate leaning members of Congress will take anything they can get. They know they can just grow it as they go, but they have to have something to start with. Once they get something, they can start working on the next "phase". But praise be for Nancy P. It's damn the torpedoes. Some people in San Fran apparently like her, but with approval ratings of only 19%, there are a whole lot of people who must not like her. And Democrats in Congress as a whole are only slightly ahead in approval ratings at 21%. And Republicans are a paltry 12%. Doing some simple math, only 1 in 6 Americans think our law makers are doing okay.

My prediction:

Health care = Little Big Horn
Congress = US Seventh Calvary
Pelosi = LTC George A. Custer
We The People = Lakota's and Cheyenne's

The Battle of Little Big Horn - an interesting parallel.


  1. Let's just hope that it is not followed up by the slaughter at wounded knee...

  2. It's up to us to keep that from happening. Hopefully the "Brian's" of the world will get on board before it is too late.



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