Thursday, September 24, 2009


Maybe Obama wants transparency (I am curious to see how he responds to this), but it is obvious not everyone in Congress wants transparency, especially if it allows everyone the opportunity to see what they are doing before they can rush to a vote. The effort to amend the health care legislation being worked out in the senate that would require it to be posted in its entirety 72 hours before a vote was nixed in a close vote. You would think they would learn something after their rush to pass the stimulus package and all the negative feedback at town hall meetings. But it appears that the House of Representatives, in a bipartisan effort, is now moving to introduce a bill that would require all legislation and reports be posted in their entirety 72 hours before a vote.

Obama promised America transparency. I am beginning to think that the only thing transparent is that We The People are no longer respected by our elected Royalty. I hope we can keep the emotion and momentum high through the 2010 election. I think then we may actually start seeing some change we can believe in.

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